Saturday 27 May 2017

Oversized shirt and everyday hair

Many people said that my hair is getting nicer lately and well, I kinda agree with that. The secret? It's the haircut.... and a few other things, just read until finish, hmm?

I used to have damaged hair to the point that I didn't need to cut my hair because it keeps breaking messily, even curling it wouldn't make my hair look as good. So, when I got my healthy hair back, I asked my favorite hairdresser, Andreas Zhu to handle my hair, to do whatever with it because I trust him, and voila.

First, I got a nice haircut, letting go all the dry and split ends! And then, he told me to get my root permed in order to give more volume to my flat roots, so be it. Lastly, I got my hair highlighted for more texture and dimension.
PS. About the curl, I actually just curl my hair like how I normally do it, it's really because of the haircut and the styling.

Snapshot bag - Marc Jacobs
Boots - Wittner

Well, you know how much I love oversized T-shirts, it's so versatile you can style it with just everything. One of my favorite thing to do with it, is just to wear it with a pair of shorts and my favorite high heels on, roll the sleeves up and wear a cute sling bag to complete the look. When having holiday overseas, more experiment is a must; I sometimes wear the plain look with my eye candy shoes over plain socks, a pair of thigh high boots will do the trick too, how fun right?

Sunday 14 May 2017

Velvet affair

My first time coming to Sydney during Autumn and no lie, I love it better. No more worrying about flat, greasy hair and also oily face! More interesting backgrounds, good weather, lovely blue sky with oh so yummy looking clouds and the most important thing is good coffee :) Life's good indeed.

Gentle Monster sunnies - Optik Seis
GG Marmont GucciGhost shoulder bag - Gucci
Victoria heels - Christian Louboutin

You know how much I love to wear matchy matchy outfit because it's just right. But don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like to mix and match my outfit, it's just that I always have a thing for outfit set especially when it involves long trousers, I AM SOLD!
Anyway, do you know that Exhibit is now available at And Gentle Monster is now available at Optik Seis? Major HOORAY! 

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Stranded in Yucca Valley

It was during the third day of Coachella that we went to this hidden gem in California, Yucca Valley. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Palm Springs here, a secluded desert just before Joshua Tree. Well, we actually planned to visit Joshua Tree at first but after we found this, we decided to just stay here, a true getaway, in the middle of the desert.

We stayed here for two nights to experience the difference; sleeping inside the airstream and showering in the open air, why not? Not enough electricity and no food inside, no problems.

How do we know about this place? So, we first found out about the accommodation through Airbnb while looking for a place to stay in Joshua Tree, it called Desert Yacht Club (you can find it on instagram as well), and turned out we liked it in Yucca Valley and so in the end, we didn't make it to Joshua Tree.

About surviving here is actually not a big deal, you just need to buy enough food and snacks supply and you'll be fine, or you can also cook inside the airstream or in the open pantry if you want. The showering part is a little bit harder, you can either shower inside the airstream or in the open; however it's too small to shower inside and the water at the open shower gets too hot in 5 minutes, when I say too hot, it means boiling hot! So yeah basically you only have 5 minutes to shower but well we made it though we only showered there ONCE during our stay hahaha. To sum up everything, it's worth to try ;)

Embroidered blouse - Zara
Scarf - Christian Dior
Clear boots - Forever 21

Pics by Andreas Zhu