Saturday 17 June 2017

Happy stripes

With Olympus PEN F in my hand and Tities Saputra's pieces on my body, here goes yours truly, the petite explorer visiting Korean Traditional Village for the second time. I didn't manage to take many pictures on my first visit so I made sure I did take many this time around.

Well, since the weather was a little bit cold but good for me, I was able to go out in this stripe ensemble, my favorite set from Tities Saputra's latest Men's Collection, oh how I love local made!
The material is a little bit thick, it has texture and the printed patches are lovely, you know how I love pastels! And well, it was just perfect for the day. Not to mention that we were visiting Bukchon Hanok Village and I feel like the outfit kinda matches the village, yes?

Ze patch top - Tities Sapoetra
Ze pants - Tities Sapoetra
Clear glasses - Stolen from Andy
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Many still asked on how can I survive walking in high heels, and guess what? The answer is still the same, really guys, I am just use to it.
You know, I used to be a dancer and wear them heels for a long 7-8 hours just for the dance practice, I guess that's how it all started. Perhaps, it was also because of my height issue back then, so I was more determined to get use to it. Now, I feel more comfortable wearing high heels rather than flats.

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Rain rain go away

It was raining the whole day that day but we still managed to visit Gyeongbokgung for pictures and because it was Goldwin's first time to Seoul. Andy and the girls went inside the palace first while Goldwin and I stayed outside wishing that the rain would stop anytime soon. Tough luck, the rain didn't stop at all but at least it did quiet down a little bit, so we decided to just sit at the small pavilion near the main gate while waiting for the kids to finish taking pictures inside.

Lucky enough, I packed this outfit and wore it that day because it was rather cold due to the constant rain. Instead of renting hanbok like Andy and the other girls, I prefer to just keep this outfit since it kinda matches the palace. Well, it was my third time to Seoul but I still didn't feel like renting hanbok and wearing it for pictures, or maybe it's just my age hahaha.

Ruffled sleeve top - Exhibit
Faux leather skirt - Vintage
Gentle Monster sunglasses - Optik Seis
Mercer bag - Michael Kors
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Paired up this vibrant ruffled sleeve top with an old A-line leather skirt of mine I scored years ago, I didn't think I would wear it again after such a long time, not to mention twice this year. It's just how important to keep basic pieces in your closet because who knows you'll need it again someday, or in a few years, perhaps.