Friday 29 July 2016

27 is just a number // Birthday giveaway (closed)

Yup, 27 is just a number and I'm still 20 at heart you know that hahahaha. Anyway, I would like to thank you to all of you for the warm wishes and the crazy amount of gifts and cakes I received on my Birthday this year. Also thank you for always supporting from year to year, it really means a lot to us and we really appreciate it.

I am thankful for the life I'm living, the job I passionate about, a husband & friends who are caring and always have my back. I am also forever thankful to be given the chance to learn again, to give back and to host a meaningful giveaway this year; it's nothing much and not luxurious but very special to me. Scroll down to find out why, hmmm.

However, before that, I want to share the results of #anazroadto27 Birthday session with Moreno Photography that we did last week *yeayyyy. It is actually our third year of collaborating together and I am still can't get enough of them. They seem to always have creative & fresh ideas and they are always so friendly beyond words! Even though we finished shooting at midnight, they were still cool about it! Thank you for being awesome!

This year we decided to do 4 different concepts with 4 different stylists, one assistant, one photographer, one make up artist, one hair stylist and two setting gurus who are awesome and very dear to me. You ready? ;)

Photographer: Calvin Jonathan
Make Up Artist: Jessica Tan
Hair Stylist: Jeffry Welly
Assistant: Johanna Nathania

"A tribute to the chicness of the ladies during the Dutch Colonialization meets Japanese occupation of our country"

The first two looks were styled, directed and concepted by Moreno's very own stylist, everybody's favorite, the big mama, Mrs Josephine Widira.

Wardrobe (both dresses) by Didi Budiardjo  

"A modern take on the 1960s lady, the heavy winged eyeliner look and signature 'beehive' buns"

The second concept was styled by my favorite hot young momma, the owner of Loft 20, Michelle Koesnadi with the help of Ms. Johanna who directed and concepted the look.

Fur by Loft 20  
Coat by Jii Gloria  

"In a world where everyone is overexposed, there is always a little mystery in her every moves. You could see what she allows you to but her dreams are her own. She creates wonders and wonders create desires...."

"Anaz should look different." A sexy and elegant look concepted, styled and directed by my fashion darling, the creative Cindy Karmoko.

Accessories by Secret BlackBox  

"A tale of an Asian woman living in the tough world. She's bold, independent, and stolid. With her alluring charm, she can conquer all.... And one can never mess with her"

Last but not least, one strong look by my rempong brother, the young and talented, Stefandy Yanata. "No, Anaz can't pose beautifully this time, no winged liner and don't make her look pretty, please."

So, which one is your favorite? I can't personally pick mine because each and every one of them is different and I've got to LOVE them all!!

BIG THANK YOU to you guys who takes part in #anazroadto27 whose names were mentioned above. Thank you for your time, effort and willingness to help until the end of the session, esp to the big brain behind all of this, Mrs Josephine Widira. I LOVE YOU ALL!!


As promised, here goes my meaningful Birthday giveaway. Why is it so special and meaningful? If you are following my snapchat, you should have known that we went to Love Thread Project X VT Bali charity event two days ago, on my Birthday where 100% of their sales will go to help women at risk. I've known VT Bali for almost two years and I know they produce awesome stuff with good quality, so I bought and hand picked these 5 ITEMS (free size), my favorites from their newest collection to give to 5 LUCKY READERS with the thought of helping others, give back and share the love!






*shown in the pic is folded version, the actual length is same like the white one above

1. Follow me on Instagram here
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3. Leave a comment with your pick (just the number is fine), your name, REAL instagram username (fake one won't be counted) and email below

The giveaway is OPEN FOR INDONESIAN RESIDENTS ONLY and will be closed on August 13, 2016. Winners will be announced on August 14, 2016.


Monday 18 July 2016

Hanaru Park Summer Designs

Guess what? After a good two years, I'm now back with another Hanaru Park collection, the summer designs. Well, you know I don't often wear accessories on daily basis except my usual necklace, wedding ring, engagement ring and a ring from my mom. So, when I wear accessories other than those, there should be something interesting about them, hmmm. Scroll down to know more.

Let me start with this "Winona Necklace", this is probably my most favorite of them all, why? One, the color is black and two, it's multi-way! 1. Wear it just like it is, 2. Double wrap it and 3. Wear it the other way round, I know you saw it on my instagram the other day ;)

Move on to "Faith Bracelet" set, instead of wearing it single, I opted for double; two is better than one, hmm? The design itself is still from the same series as winona necklace, can you just pay attention to the sakura details?

"Chriselle Brooch", the brooch that you can also use as a necklace. As for me, I prefer to use it as an accessory so I attached it to my plain hat and voila, how adorable is that?

"Summer Brooch", a lovely dragonfly brooch made of fine beadings all over; a statement brooch it is. Other that attaching it to a blazer, you can also use it to transform your plain white t-shirt for a change.

And last but not least, "Love Ring 14K". A pinky promise ring, I called it. It's so cute and I use it as a complimentary to my wedding ring, it just looks so cute together, so let it be. One last thing, it's real 14K gold and it comes with a certificate of guarantee :)

Well, so which one is your favorite? Don't forget to check the complete collection on Hanaru Park's website

And psssttt, do you know that Hanaru Park is currently hosting a 35K giveaway where they will pick 10 winners once they reached 35K followers on instagram? Be sure to follow @hanarupark instagram and win special gifts with so much love inside each package.