Monday 28 February 2011

Vanilla ice cream and peach tea

bought this maxi skirt quite a long time ago and been wanting to wear them from last month and yet I didn't know what to match the skirt with. So yesterday I dig my whole closet (well, not really the whole closet though) and found this lace cropped top I got from Bangkok.

maxi skirt from Pink Label, Jeffrey Campbell wrecker from Solestruck
Paired with the brown platform again (I've been wearing them a lot since they reached my house). At first, I thought these shoes would hurt my feet as they were new, but NO! these shoes were so comfortable, really. I don't know whether it is my feet or what since almost all of my shoes have never hurt me at all, even the cheapest one.

Friday 25 February 2011

Those Brown Platform

my old fave, brown lace top from a random shop *again* and ripped short in nude color that I got from Zara in Istanbul, Turkey (It was on sale!)

Okay, no more old photos. So these are my new fave shoes, Jeffrey Campbell wrecker brown leather buckled ankle boots (such a looooong name) that I got from Solestruck.
Been wanting these pair of gorgeous shoes since the end of last year and finally, I got the chance to buy them last month. Wrecker boot with buckles? Aren't they amazing?? Seriously, they are SICK

So what do u think? =)

Thursday 24 February 2011

Mustard Love

So this is my new love, mustard. I've posted this look on too.

mustard top from Pink label, belt from Zara, shorts from random flea market, pumps from Cristian Louboutin and studded vintage bag

Actually, I'm not a fan of red soles as these pair are my sister's, Kiki Siantar. Wore them only to match my top since my mustard shoes haven't arrived yet that day. However, I want to apologize for posting some old photos again cause these were taken way back on Valentine's day.
Introducing one of my most favourite bag, the studded vintage bag I got from a random shop in Bangkok. What can I say? the color is just perfect and I really love the details (studs and tassels), believe me the material is no joke too!

 That's it, a summer look on Valentine's day =)

Photographed by Laksmi Dewi

Wednesday 23 February 2011

The Chapter

scarf from Bijoux Terner, bag from Mango, high heels from Vincci

Went out with my sister Inez to watch Green Hornet at Cineleisure (yes, still when I was in Singapore) and had some sister shopping time around Orchard area, not to mention there was a flea market at Scape's basement.

It was so hot that I just didn't bother to wear long pants, leggings or dark colors apparels like the previous days. And so I chose to wear a white over sized shirt with my new favourite scarf, some accessories, not to forget the sunglasses and the high heels of course.

Photographed by Inez Siantar

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Nude and Leafs

one shoulder mini dress from random online shop, stocking from random flea market

These photos were taken way back in late January in Singapore (I miss Singapore a lot!). Went to an old building near Dhobby Ghaut area and took some snapshots before enjoying coffee break in the afternoon with my friend, Reynard slash the photographer.

I don't know why I like to wear nude or khaki colors nowadays, it's kinda weird since I've never been a fan of either one of them.

Photographed by Reynard Karman

Monday 21 February 2011

What's left behind

 loose top from Cotton On, shoulder pad blazer from Zara, suspender tights from Topshop and shoes from Ulin Custom Shoes

Some of you probably still remember this look since I've posted this on before.

The loose top is one of my fave basic clothes ever, it's so versatile that I couldn't even count how many times I've used it. The highlight is of course, the shoes. I got these lovely custom made shoes sponsored by Ulin Custom Shoes. These shoes are so special that you can arrange and adjust the chains as you like.

Thanks to the owner of Ulin, Arfadh for designing me such an amazing pair of shoes, they are super comfortable <3
for more information, here's the contact person

 Photographed by Laksmi Dewi

Sunday 20 February 2011

Pink vs Blue

The Pink

wicked shoes from Moschino and pink sweater from

The Blue

ankle boots from Forever 21 and blue sweater from

Just some random outfit post.
All sweaters sponsored by
(they really have lots of nice clothes at affordable prices!)
Thanks to Sarah =)
go to their site

Photographed by Krisna Siantar

Brown Platform

What inspires this blog

my very first JC shoes, Jeffrey Campbell Wrecker in brown leather

and special thanks to Inez Siantar for the assistance =)