Wednesday 27 August 2014

Kimono & Mikimoto x Hello Kitty

Today, my four sisters and I went to rent the summer kimono for our last day in Japan and here's what I got. I decided to wear the soft pastel color kimono since it was really hot this afternoon and yes, I was happy with it. With the help of my eldest sister, Kiki who took these pictures and did my hair today, here you go, yours truly trying so hard to be a Japanese girl (or not hahaha).

I also wore my super cute Mikimoto x Hello Kitty Akoya cultured pearl bangle to match my Kimono earlier today. Anyway, this collaboration collection will be launched in September (Autumn 2014) and I'd say it's such an honor for me being one of those people who can have the kitty bangle beforehand. I myself is not a big fan of Hello Kitty but when I saw this bangle for the first time, I knew that I should get this for sure! The detail of the ribbon is everything to me, it's such a darling. Be sure to subscribe (or check often) on their website to keep updated so you won't miss this adorable kitty bangle and other lovely products when they're launched ;)

"Product of the MIKIMOTO x HELLO KITTY encounter, this stylish bangle draws the eye with a three-dimensional rendition of Kitty’s iconic ribbon. Conceived to appeal to a playful spirit, it’s perfect for women everywhere who love Hello Kitty."

Anyway, in case you are wondering, I rented this whole set of kimono at Yumeyakata in Kyoto. And yes, there are still plenty of kimono/yukata rental places that you can find in Japan so no need to worry if you're planning to come and look for (buy/rent) some pretty kimono to wear ;)

Friday 22 August 2014


So, as you might have seen on my instagram, my sisters, our friend and I went to Tokyo Disney Sea yesterday and here's what I got for you guys, some pictures of yesterday's outfit that my sister managed to take before I changed the skirt and my flower crown to play around the theme park. You know, we really had so much fun and yes people, it's the happiest place on earth! Anyway, I was wearing my new favorite crop top from Cloth Inc's new collection that I've been using a few times already, isn't it lovely? Well, I'm thinking of getting another one in different color, what do you think? ;)

Flower crown - Inspired by Luce
Mini heartbreaker - Louis Vuitton
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Oriflame's The One Power Shine Lipstick // Giveaway Winner

You know, I don't usually put on lipstick daily because I prefer my lips to be plain nude. However, when I feel like using one, I opt for The One Power Shine Lipstick in trendy berry by Oriflame most of the time. Not only it smells nice, it also lasts longer despite the lightness of the lipstick, oh yes it's not like any other thick lipstick that makes your lips uncomfortable.

What's more? I also like the pink color it gives to my lips, not too pink yet not pale. The best part is that this magical lipstick is not sticky! You know how we girls always hate whenever our hair stick to our lips because of the sticky wet lipstick and well I can say that this is one of my rescue to the problem ;)

Stay tuned for more reviews ;)


Anyway, before I announce the winner of my birthday giveaway, the correct answer for the shoe size is 39!!



(CONGRATULATIONS! Brown Platform team will contact you ASAP =)

And thank you all so much for your participation in the giveaway, I promise to make another giveaway soon! ;)

Saturday 16 August 2014

Just enough

Good morning people! I know right, such a rare occasion that I'm writting a blog post entry in the morning. Anyway, I only have a few minutes left since I need to get ready for today's Bloggers Kulture Market at Coffee Kulture; so if you have time, feel free to drop by because all the bloggers will be selling their pre-loved items that you won't miss. And meanwhile, here's my yesterday's outfit pictures that were taken by my eldest sister ;)

Red paloma - Charlotte Olympia
Clutch - MCM x Craig & Karl

Oh I almost forgot, the winner of my birthday giveaway will be announced real soon here only on Brown Platform, please be patient ;)

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Speak no bullshit

How about a hello to my new hair? You know, I just had my hair and extension retouched again this afternoon at Bonk's Salon. Like it? Because I totally love it!

After done with my hair, I picked up my little sister and went straight to grab a coffee near our home and of course... outfit pictures! Wearing the new bullshit tee from Dignity Cloth that I love because somehow it matches my situation right now, you know some people do speak too much bullshit and goshh I just wish that I'm a little meaner (oh well at least I can pull off a mean face hahaha). PS. I wore shorts!

Bullshit tee - Dignity Cloth
Pearls necklace - H&M
Dolly Riot - Charlotte Olympia x Tom Binns
Cluch - MCM x Craig & Karl

Friday 8 August 2014

Oriflame's The One Colour Impact

Other than The One volume blast mascara that I've reviewed before, this is also one of my secret to a pair of smokey and bigger eyes: The One Colour Impact cream eyeshadow in shimmering steel (dark grey) by Oriflame. I know it somehow looks like a gel eyeliner but well it isn't. Like I said on my instagram that the texture itself is different from gel eyeliner, it's soft yet the color is vivid and not as hard to apply.

For me, I use my fingertip to apply the cream eyeshadow because like many make-up artists said that your hand is actually the best make-up tool ;)

Above is how the eyeshadow look close up. I know it kinda look thick but scroll for the not close up look, believe me it looks naturally smokey.

See? Below is how the eyeshadow look from afar. You know, I totally recommend this particular eyeshadow as it's also one of the gorgeous Elin Kling's favorite The One product. So be sure not to miss this one once it hits the market ;)

All photos by Surya Tjaja

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Harbour City

I'm finally back in Singapore again and here's what's left from Hong Kong, another outfit post featuring my sweetest new shoes from Kandee. I first knew this London based shoe brand back when I was still living in Paris and I'm so glad that I can find the store branch in Singapore now, oh shopping is getting much easier. So here they are, my 4th pair of Kandee Shoes, sweet caramel with some cool studs on!

Oh and how lovely my Elliatt's diaz cardi is <3

Pants - Zara
Body chain - H&M
Diaz cardi - Elliatt
Sweet caramel - Kandee Shoes