Saturday 29 December 2018

BVLGARI TRIP - Saint Petersburg, Russia

Still from our latest Bvlgari Trip to Russia, and it was the last stop from the trip, Saint Petersburg. Well, it was rather a short one as we were just staying for two days before flying back to Jakarta but luckily we managed to some of the main attractions of the city.

We took an early flight from Moscow to Saint Petersburg and first thing first, lunch at the local restaurant and then straight to The Church of The Spilled Blood.

The Church of The Spilled Blood is the one of the main sights of Saint Petersburg. It was built on the site where Emperor Alexander II was severely wounded and died in March 1881 (thus "The Spilled Blood") and the construction was funded by the imperial family.

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Second and last stop of the day: Catherine Palace, which also known as The Summer Palace.
It is the former Imperial Palace and located in the town of Pushkin, 25-30 km south of St. Petersburg. My take on the Palace? Stunning exteriors, even more stunning inside, and it's FULL OF GOLD!

The luxurious dining room.

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Replica of the ball gown of Empress Elizabeth.

Stumbled upon this beautiful garden on our way to exit.

Made it to The Peterhof Palace on our last day, early in the morning because we had a flight to catch  in the evening. Though we didn't have much time to explore, we managed to take lots of pictures. Scroll for more :)

'Peterhof' itself means Peter's Garden, and The Peterhof Palace is a series of palaces and gardens located in Petergof, Saint Petersburg. It was built for Peter the Great, and commisioned as a direct response to the Palace of Versailles (France).

The Portrait Hall. It has 368 female portraits painted by Pietro Antonio de Rotari in the Rococo style.

The famous water fountain.

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And so that's all I got to share with you guys, def one of my most memorable trip in 2018. 

Again, I would like to thank BVLGARI Indonesia and Tefi for the wonderful opportunity. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.

Wednesday 31 October 2018

BVLGARI TRIP - Moscow, Russia

I know it's been more than a month since I visited Russia and sorry it took me a little bit longer to finally write this entry. And here you go, some pictures and stories from my latest trip with BVLGARI to Moscow.

Well, I was beyond ecstatic when I first knew that we would be going to Russia for BVLGARI Tribute to Femininity Exhibition; and if you didn't know, to be able to visit the country had been on the very top of my wishlist for a very long time. I really can't thank BVLGARI enough for such wonderful experience.

Anyway, we arrived in Moscow in the afternoon after taking a red eye flight from Jakarta via Doha, but first thing first, hotel check in so we could freshen up before playing tourist and of course catching the sunset while cruising the famous Moskva River to see some of the most popular landmarks and attractions around Moscow's Golden Island. Not forgetting, a quick late lunch beforehand because I was dying to try their local food and well, it didn't disappoint.

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After we had enough sleep, it was finally the second day and the schedule was to visit the famous tourist attractions like Bolshoi TheatreMetro Tour and of course the beautiful Arbat Street.
Then after lunch, we continued the city tour by visiting the Alexander Garden and also Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

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We ended the day by taking tons of pictures outside the iconic Vogue Cafe right before having dinner inside. Gotta love the food there although the service was quite bad.

On the third day, Stefi and I were joined by Mba Shantica from Herworld for the exhibition of course and also for more city tour since Moscow is quite a big (and beautiful) city so there are so many places that we shouldn't miss like the well-known Kremlin and also the one and only Saint Basil's Cathedral.

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On the last day, it was finally the day of BVLGARI Tribute to Femininity Exhibition. We started with a morning stroll inside GUM where we were greeted by Bvlgari Ice Cream and then moved on to the photo exhibition (still in the GUM), where you can learn about the history of Bvlgari right from the start, how the brand developed its unique style, the exquisite women who wore Bvlgari jewelries from the 90s and more.

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Right after breakfast, we were ushered straight to the Kremlin once again for the main Jewelry Exhibition, to dive into the world of Bvlgari, where everything is super fine and sparkling.

Remember, if you are in Moscow or planning to visit the city, be sure not to miss Bvlgari Exhibition "Tribute to Femininity" at GUM and Kremlin (till 13 January 2019) because it's everything you wanna know about the beginning to the present time.

The exhibition features more than 500 pieces spanning from the late 19th century until the 1990s.
The exhibition path itself is developed in two independent and highly complementary sections. Unique jewels are showcased in the first venue while the second one highlights the successful families of jewels that today are considered Bvlgari icons.

With THE Jean-Christophe Babin himself.

Later at night, it was the cocktail dinner and after party where we enjoyed ourselves drinking, snacking and also mingling with other guests. And like I said before, it was our last night in Moscow and coming up next is another Bvlgari trip in Saint Petersburg. Stay tuned :)