Monday 30 September 2013

Paris Fashion Week - Allude S/S 2014

My outfit of the day, photos of me by Gabriella Sanjaya. See more below.

I came to Allude fashion show a little bit late because I got lost on my way there but thank God I managed to reach the venue just before the show started. The place was packed since there were lots of fashion enthusiasts who I'm sure were curious about Andrea Karg's creations for spring and summer next year.

Warm is the only word that I could think while I was watching the show. Allude surely will keep you warm for spring 2014 for sure. These pieces clearly shown the versatility of cashmere material and of course how creative the designer is to produce such interesting and unusual yet wearable pieces by using just the neutral palette of cashmere. I'm amazed by how artistic the collection is. However, after I finished watching the show then I realized that Allude S/S 2014 collection itself is a piece of art. Kudos to Andrea Karg.

Birkin bag - Hermes
Dandy pavane bracelet - Hermes
Dolly rose - Charlotte Olympia

Sunday 29 September 2013

Paris Fashion Week - Barbara Bui S/S 2014

Went to champs elysees just before Barbara Bui S/S 2014 to grab a late lunch with a friend of mine and this is the outfit that I wore through out the day. Took place at Palais the Tokyo last Thursday, below are some photos I managed to take during Barbara Bui fashion show, enjoy ;)

Big puffy leather, denim with print details and sporty edge filled Barbara Bui S/S 2014 two days ago. Seriously, how creative could this designer be! Working with all of these materials and created such amazing pieces, wow. The cool vibe and the kinda no make up face of the models gave me shivers since the beginning of the show. It would be really awesome to have those pieces in our closet for spring next year hmmm spring and summer couldn't get anymore cooler! Anyway you can check the short video on my instagram and let me know what do you think :)

I was wearing Romwe's white blazer and blue skirt, Hermes' twilly, Nicholas Kirkwood's mermaid shoes and Marie Turnor's leather paper bag.