Monday, 18 July 2016

Hanaru Park Summer Designs

Guess what? After a good two years, I'm now back with another Hanaru Park collection, the summer designs. Well, you know I don't often wear accessories on daily basis except my usual necklace, wedding ring, engagement ring and a ring from my mom. So, when I wear accessories other than those, there should be something interesting about them, hmmm. Scroll down to know more.

Let me start with this "Winona Necklace", this is probably my most favorite of them all, why? One, the color is black and two, it's multi-way! 1. Wear it just like it is, 2. Double wrap it and 3. Wear it the other way round, I know you saw it on my instagram the other day ;)

Move on to "Faith Bracelet" set, instead of wearing it single, I opted for double; two is better than one, hmm? The design itself is still from the same series as winona necklace, can you just pay attention to the sakura details?

"Chriselle Brooch", the brooch that you can also use as a necklace. As for me, I prefer to use it as an accessory so I attached it to my plain hat and voila, how adorable is that?

"Summer Brooch", a lovely dragonfly brooch made of fine beadings all over; a statement brooch it is. Other that attaching it to a blazer, you can also use it to transform your plain white t-shirt for a change.

And last but not least, "Love Ring 14K". A pinky promise ring, I called it. It's so cute and I use it as a complimentary to my wedding ring, it just looks so cute together, so let it be. One last thing, it's real 14K gold and it comes with a certificate of guarantee :)

Well, so which one is your favorite? Don't forget to check the complete collection on Hanaru Park's website

And psssttt, do you know that Hanaru Park is currently hosting a 35K giveaway where they will pick 10 winners once they reached 35K followers on instagram? Be sure to follow @hanarupark instagram and win special gifts with so much love inside each package.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

LOLA #ourprepostwed

Welcome to #ourprepostwed part 2. This time, we let one of our favorite photographer from Moreno, Agung Kurniawan to decide the theme and also the location; he even helped us with the concept and styling, how awesome is this guy! Did we worry about it? Well, what should I say because we never doubted Moreno Photography even for a second.

With the help of our favorite woman, Mrs. Josephine Widira and our lovely make up artist, LouLou (Andreas Zhu Squad), we managed to get so many mysteriously good shots for the photo series. You know, just trust the team and let the magic works.

Not to forget, a big thank you to LOLA for the wonderful location and last but not least to Andreas Odang and Loft 20 for the beautiful dresses :)

Gown, dress shirt and skirt by Andreas Odang  

Dress by Loft 20  

Also, have you checked out #ourprepostwed snippets video? ;)

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

NEW YORK #ourprepostwed

Well, first of all I want to say thank you so much for patiently waiting for #ourprepostwed photo series that we shot in New York few months ago with Moreno Photography. Why "post pre wed"? Because our official holy matrimony was held in December 2015 and the reception was in June 2016 while these pictures were taken in April 2016, in more simple: pre reception and post holy matrimony photoshoot, make sense now? ;)

We couldn't be happier with all the results because, simple, all we did was have fun, be in love, feel the love, no overthinking concept and definitely not trying to be someone else. Still, all wouldn't be as great if we didn't opt for the best, so huge thanks to our fashionable photographer, Mr. Kay of Moreno Photography and of course our awesome style & concept planner, Mrs. Josephine Widira. Not to forget my favorite make up artist, Andreas Zhu and my sis Inez Siantar; best team we could ever ask for. Also thanks to all designers that I mentioned below.

We hope you like the series as much as we do :)

Top and pants by Yogie Pratama  

Pants from LOTUZ  

Vest by Didi Budiardjo  

Blazer and pants by LOTUZ  

Top and skirt by Hian Tjen  
Accessories by Rinaldy A. Yunardi  

Dress by Imelda Kartini 
Accessories by Pita 

Outer by Didi Budiardjo  
Accessories by Rinaldy A. Yunardi  

Fur vest by Didi Budiardjo  

Dress by Yogie Pratama  

Dress and outer by Fetty Rusli  

Dress by Tinara Bridal  

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The corner

I just can't resist not to post this entry; all the way from my latest Bandung trip with love. An impromptu session with my cousin at the hotel that we stayed in, Summerbird it is. Just like what you can see from their instagram, this unique b&b hotel offers many lovely rooms under some categories. The room that we stayed in is under "French" category, the superior one, oh yes you can choose the room you desire prior to booking.
It is very small yet we could find so many corners for shooting, just like a mini home studio. Well, for people who love taking pictures and bored with big hotel ambience, this friendly b&b is definitely the answer. As for myself, I'll definitely come again, for sure, it kinda reminds me of my old apartment in Paris ;)

Long batik blazer - Amanda Hartanto

Photographed by Citra Tjaja
Taken with Olympus PEN F 17mm f1.8

Jalan Ksatriaan no. 11
Bandung, Indonesia