Friday, 18 May 2018

Pier 39

It was our last day in San Francisco and of course we didn't forget to visit the Fisherman's Wharf at Pier 39 to eat their famous clam chowder and well, to take some pictures. I remember it was a super chilly afternoon that I almost flew away, literally! And I'm sure you won't believe that we took more than one hundred of pictures in order to get some good ones where my hair and hat weren't acting up esp in front of the carousel, because there's only ONE right picture.

I was wearing my new mint suit that I scored from Topshop and I originally planned to wear it with a matching coat since I checked the weather and it was even colder than in LA. However, what a coincidence, I forgot to bring the coat and you know the story, we were freezing, totally not a big deal, end of story; or not, because the next day I caught a cold.
Lesson to be learned: when it's cold, never forget to bring your coat, or don't go to the pier if you forgot your coat.

Mint blazer - Topshop
Mint trousers - Topshop
Clutch - Alexander McQueen
Shoes - Saint Laurent

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

My Coachella 2018

No doubt, it was a very exciting weekend, not too wild for me but was so happy to be back again to Coachella this year. I heard from the news that over 200 thousands people attended the Music Festival and well, who am I kidding, the line up was extremely LIT! And not to mention that Beyonce was finally able to perform at Coachella; one of the main reason why I came back again this year, def worth the one year wait.

Anyway, for Coachella 2018, I collaborated with one of my favorite local brand, DUMA, to design 3 looks to wear of course for the festival, which are exclusively available at
And here goes the pieces:

On day ONE, I decided to go all pink in ana crop top, the ultra comfortable sian pants and sian outer to keep me warm during the night and to complete the whole look. Gentle Monster sunnies are from Optik Seis.

Day TWO outfit was actually my favorite one, with the hair and make up, just everything! Shades of blue featuring ratar crop top and sia denim pants. Gucci eye candy available at Optik Seis.

LAST day in something more simple yet still eye catching, featuring the Anastasia jumpsuit. It's made of silk bubble and the pattern was customized by DUMA team themselves. Bag is Meli Melo and cotton bracelets are from Dior.

All DUMA X ANAZ pieces are still available at

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


I carved my name on my sweatshirt just in case I forgot my name. Just kidding, you know how I love everything personalized; it's the strong feeling of ownership, it's unique and it's always hard to say no whenever possible to make one.
For your information, this personalized Marina Hoermanseder sweatshirt is available for order at Lady Bijoux and it's available in many colors too!

I layered mine with a plain dress shirt and paired them up with a matching multicolor Balenciaga arena bag and a pop of yellow Gucci sunnies I scored from Optik Seis. Wore them during a gloomy day in Seoul, a very windy and cold one but it's never to cold for some pictures ;)

Customized sweatshirt - Marina Hoermanseder
Gucci sunnies - Optik Seis
Arena bag - Balenciaga
Black boots - Wittner

Pictures by Jovi Adhiguna and Andy Yanata

Monday, 30 April 2018

Jet lagged

It's currently 5AM here in Hong Kong and I've been awake since 4AM this morning, so I thought why not write a new entry on the blog since I've been MIA for almost a month here. Good thing I still have quite lots of pictures to be shared from my recent trips to Korea and USA, so expect a few blog entries this May, Amen.

Anyway, these pictures were taken in Busan and well, it was my first time visiting the town, thanks to Indah Tour! I First knew about Busan because I watched too many K-shows back in the days and heard that they are famous for their sashimi (Hwae), it is different form Japan's since they use different kind of fish and seasoning but believe me it's heaven! If you're fond of sashimi, please have a try :)

Back to Busan, here I was wearing a beautifully embroidered oversized jacket from Red Valentino to keep me warm because the weather was killing us, we thought it would just be 16-17 degrees but the wind made it like 6-7 degrees during our stay, thank God I brought a few jackets that are not so thin including this one. By the way did you notice that I changed my picture tone? It's a bit yellow ish compared to before but I kinda like it just for a change, for now. But, what do you think about it? Which one do you like better?

Pictures by Andy Yanata

Oversized jacket - Red Valentino
Cap - Cap10
Boots - Wittner