Monday, 6 February 2017

3rd Floor

From last weekend staycation at The Gunawarman. We were just exploring the entire building and found this lovely spot on the last floor so might as well use it for outfit pictures. Here, I was carrying one adorable I got from Marie de la Roche, a luxury brand based in the Middle East. It's 100% made of love and care; it's precious. I believe some of you might have already seen it on my instagram before and just so you know, the real stuff is just as beautiful as in the picture. What I love about the bag is not only because of its playful and unique look, but also because it's spacious, even my camera fits inside! How convenient.

Top - Duma
Pants - Duma
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Stay comfortable

You know, I often (most of the times) opt for comfortable outfits before anything else. However, comfortable doesn't always mean fashionable or stylish; one wrong move, you can look lazy and sloppy. In case you're facing the same problem, here are few tricks that maybe can help you :)

1. Accessorize
Simple accessories will do, thin bangle or just a few simple rings always help. If you're not fond of jewelries, go for a hat; may it be fedora or boater hat, just make sure that the color matches your outfit.

2. Good pair of shoes will always do the trick
I believe everybody has their own good shoes in their own opinion right? It may be flats, medium heels or even sneakers; as long as you're comfortable in it, go for it. In my case, high heels are the most comfortable ones so yeah ;)

3. Don't be lazy to do your make up
If you're not a fan of heavy make up, just do a simple one; bb cream, blush and lip gloss? Why not.

Voila, I hope the tricks help :)

Aaaand here I am feeling comfortable being myself, wearing a dress shirt with cute ice cream details and simple white pants from This is April for a coffee break ;)

Ice cream shirt - This is April
Culotte pants - This is April
Boater hat - H&M
Shoes - Saint Laurent

Sunday, 22 January 2017


So, this is it, my very first outfit post in 2017. I apologize for the lack of post caused by my packed schedule though I've been wanting to share about many things since early January esp about my wedding party (last June). However, please look forward to it because I've been drafting the post and it will be up soon.

As for now, here goes outfit pictures from my latest trip to Bangkok featuring some of their local designer pieces including this interesting pair of jeans. The brand is Pony Stone and I scored it at Siam Center; it was on sale and yup, a good deal. Not sure if you're going to like it or not. Thoughts?

Velvet tank - H&M
Ripped jeans - Pony Stone
Boater hat - Shabby De Hat
Belt bag - Celine
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Saturday, 7 January 2017

DAY 7 Giveaway (closed)

Yup, this will be the last one for #brownplatformnewyeargiveaway and of course it's the most special one, at least for me ;)

DAY 7, I am giving away a brand new pair of Sophia Webster Stacey Pumps in size 37.5 to ONE winner.

How to win these beautiful shoes?
1. Follow my facebook page here
2. Subscribe to my youtube channel here
3. Once you've done, comment on the box below with your name, email and instagram account (make sure it's not locked)

Giveaway will be closed on Jan 16, 2017 and winner will be announced on Jan 17, 2017 here or on my instagram. Good luck everyone! :)


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

DAY 4 Giveaway (closed)

First of all, I would like to say Happy New Year 2017!! Thank you for all your support all these years and cheers to a wonderful new year ;)

Anyway, just like what you read on my instagram, I'm currently hosting giveaways for the first 7 days of new year, giving 7 gifts to 7 different people as a giveback, just my humble way of saying thank you especially to my loyal readers. Just to let you know, I read your comments and I do notice them, so thank you once again for the constant support and your kind words.

Well, for DAY 4, I am giving away a brand new Kenzo X H&M Wool Jumper (oversized for women), one of my favorite piece from the collection!

To enter this giveaway, you just need to comment on the box below with your name, email and instagram username (make sure your acc is not locked).

Giveaway will be closed on Jan 13, 2017 and the winner will be announced on Jan 14, 2017 here or maybe on my instagram. Good luck :)