Monday, 21 July 2014

White mood

I've just reached Singapore this morning for my long holiday *yeay* but before anything else, here's an outfit post that my boyfriend took the other day in Jogjakarta. Featuring my newest Charlotte Olympia phantom shoes to match the whitey - whitey outfit, thoughts? ;)

Necklace - Greentelee Shop
White skirt - Amelia Jang Collection
Phantom pumps - Charlotte Olympia

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Skin Inc - My daily dose

I know I know, I'm so sorry for the late review post about Skin Inc products, but here it is, the secret behind a nice and glowing facial skin *scroll scroll*

You know it's really rare for me to do a review on skin care products, in fact this is my very first time reviewing them. The reason? I won't let myself blog something that is not recommended, especially skin care products because I know how important and crucial it is to have the right one.

I confess that I used to have so many skin care products to put on my face every morning and night in order to have a nice skin, not forgetting all the treatments and such. And yes it worked but then as time passes by, I find it very tiring and I realized that I wasted quite a lot of my time doing this routine over and over again until recently, precisely when I went to Singapore to attend Skin Inc press conference.

So, I've been using their products esp the personalized serum ever since and I gladly say that it works much better than using layers and layers of my previous skin care products (I can feel my skin is getting more plump and softer now) because the Skin Inc serums that I use have all the components that my skin really needs. How? I got my skin identity checked beforehand to know what serums I should/shouldn't use. The three needed serums then mixed into just ONE magic daily dose bottle for my everyday use, how efficient is that :)

And the three serums in my daily dose bottle are:
1. Repair French Pine Bark Serum
Extracted from the bark of French coastal pine, this super anti-oxidant is 350 times more effective than Vitamin C and 170 times more powerful than Vitamin E. It is combined with EGF, a protein found naturally in skin that increases DNA synthesis and cell growth that moisturises the skin and reduces the signs of ageing skin.

2. Reinforce Ceramide Serum
Contains 4 different types of ceramides to reinforce the skin's protective barrier. This prevents dehydration of the skin and protects it from external stimuli such as chemicals, dry air and UV rays. This serum can also be used to relieve the symptoms of eczema.

3. Replenish Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Able to hold 6 litres of water per gram, hyaluronic acid binds moisture to skin for instant, lasting hydration from within. Lines are refined and skin is plump and smooth.

You can also customize your own daily dose simply by taking the skin identity test ( where you'll be asked several questions based on your daily lifestyle and unique skin condition; and voila, the test result will show you the serums that your skin really needs. The fun part is, you can mix the serums in your favorite daily dose bottle! Oh lovely.


And here's the 3 simple steps to wake up with a beautiful skin in the morning that I learned from watching the video in Skin Inc's beauty clinique, so exciting! You can also see the video tutorial on Sonia's youtube page ;)

1. Pure revival peel
Apply to dry and clean face. Leave on for 10 seconds, then massage in circular motion. Rinse with luke warm water. Use it 2 - 3 times a week.

2. My daily dose serum
Daily use. Mine contains of french pine bark serum, reinforce ceramide serum and hyaluronic acid serum. Don't forget to get your skin identity checked first before customizing your own daily dose.

3. Pure deepsea hydrating mask
For a bright and plump skin, I use this one almost everyday. How to use: Spread a thin layer of the mask after applying the first and second step, then leave on for 30 minutes. For even better results, leave on overnight. Rinse off with water or scrape off with a smooth spatula.

Yup, that easy and simple. No more waking up very early in the morning to get ready and sleep late at night ;)

Also note that all Skin Inc products DO NOT contain parabens and scent so it's safe and allergic free.

Two words for Skin Inc: MAJOR LOVE <3

You can get these awesome products at Skin Inc concept stores, speciality store and Sephora in Singapore, or online at and soon at Sephora in Jakarta ;)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Pastel and pink

The outfit that I wore to Grazia Magazine's Bloggers Confidential event yesterday. Featuring my current favorite MCM clutch that I've been carrying almost everywhere these past few days and I got it from my love VJ Vogue (one of my trusted authentic bag reseller). Photos were taken by my lil photographer a.k.a lil sis, Dewi.

Shirt dress - Vintage
Shorts - Vintage
Pink blazer - Romwe
Big hat - Zara
MCM clutch - VJ Vogue

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Quick brunch

I'm so sorry again for the lack of post here on my blog as I've been busy with some projects and photoshoots. I've also promised to write a review about Skin Inc products but not today, just very soon so stay tuned :)

Had a quick brunch with my cousin at Mazeltov in Puri Indah Mall just before I went straight to my other meeting but of course not before snapping some outfit pictures. Featuring my current fav oversized t-shirt dress from Front Row Shop.

Bracelets - Hanaru Park
Pashli satchel - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Pump shoes - Aldo

Friday, 4 July 2014

Skin Inc SIngapore

As you can see on my instagram, I went to Singapore a few days ago for Skin Inc event; from attending the press conference, meeting the one and only Aimee Song and also the lovely Song Dani, learning new things about skin care products, to experiencing the awesome facial treatment at Skin Inc beauty clinic in Ion Orchard. Not to mention, staying in one of Singapore's top luxury boutique hotel, Sofitel So. Anyway, just scroll down for the photos :)

Unlike other skin care brands which recommend us this and that even without consulting, Skin Inc will make sure to get our skin identity checked before giving us the right serums that our skin needs and which we can customize as well. No more wasting time using so many products to have a nice, glowing and smooth skin. We just need to mix the 3 serums (from skin identity test) in one daily dose bottle for our everyday use. Yes, as simple as that.

Alma bag - Louis Vuitton
Dolly pumps - Charlotte Olympia

 I first met this lovely and humble girl in person back in NYC during fashion week and I was really shocked that she still remembered me.

Before our facial treatment at Skin Inc clinic in Ion Orchard.

And here's a glimpse of the wonderful Sofitel So hotel that we stayed in for a few days.

Well I guess I'll just talk about the details on my next blogpost since there are so many things that I wanted to write including the review of some Skin Inc products that I've tried for a few days now. So stay tuned because I'm sure you won't want to miss this one ;)

Last but not least, I would love to thank Gushcloud Indonesia and of course Skin Inc for this whole new experience, thank you for the lesson and the knowledge, thank you for flying us to Singapore, and also thank you for the kind hospitality during our stay, I really had a great time :)

Photos of me by my roommate Sonia Eryka.