Thursday, 18 September 2014

Pick Market

Nothing much, just a normal day in Singapore. Went pretty casual and basic with this adorable silver crop top from Pick Market while strolling around Haji Lane taking pictures here and there with the one and only Gabijelly. And you know when Gabby's name mentioned here on my blog, only good and high quality pictures will come out, that's just how good she is ;)

Silver crop top - Pick Market
Stripe pants - Zara
Bracelets - Hanaru Park
Phantom shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Monday, 15 September 2014


Reunited with my Parisian love a.k.a the young and bubbly photographer, Gabijelly a few days ago in Singapore and this is what we came up with as our reunion, a dark photoshoot session (well, not really hahaha). Wearing the dramatic audrey black tutu skirt by Tutu Le Petite at this dramatic national museum of Singapore. Oh boy, you know you can never go wrong with black, but adding a little touch of red is not a bad idea either ;)

Bracelets - Hanaru Park
Red paloma - Charlotte Olympia

Friday, 12 September 2014

Oriflame's The One Eyeliner Stylo

Here goes my very-very important thing when it comes to make-up, eyeliner. You know that I can never live without this particular thing (literally of course) and no matter how thin my face make-up is, I won't leave home before applying eyeliner on my eyes first. So, choosing the right one is really crucial especially when your signature eye look is the cat eyes. I dared myself to try my newly purchased The One Eyeliner Stylo by Oriflame but as you can see, it turned out as good as my usual one too (pat myself on the back).

From my experience of using this eyeliner stylo for one week, I can say that it doesn't easily smudge and though it's a stylo (pen-like-eyeliner), the thickness of the tint, is exactly what I need in order to perfect my signature cat eyes. Will definitely get more of this eyeliner for my monthly stock!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bright light

Just yesterday, my sisters and I went to visit our friend's wonderful home in Kemang which looks like homey wonderland and just like everybody else, when the place is so beautiful like this, we won't waste the chance to go home without taking some snaps here and there ahahaha. Anyway, thank you so much Mrs. Josephine Widira for letting us barge in your wonderland and take pictures like there's no tomorrow *super big hug*.

Some new bracelets from my love Hanaru Park.

Wearing this dreamy gretta tulle skirt in seafoam color which was sent all the way from New York by the lovely Alexandra Grecco. Made with 6 layers of tulle layered to create the perfect shape, you won't believe how comfortable and light this skirt is. What an eye candy <3
Matched it with crop top from SisSae, bianca pumps from Christian Louboutin and some adorable bracelets from Hanaru Park. Photos by my lil sister, Dewi.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Kyoto: Kiyomizu-dera to Gion

One more blog post from my recent trip to Japan, and this time it's Kyoto. I really can't describe how beautiful and calming this part of Japan is, even all my four sisters including me have to agree that Kyoto is our favorite city in Japan so far. We stayed in Kyoto for 4 nights and we couldn't get enough of this city. Anyway, here are just some photos that my sisters and I managed to capture while strolling around Kiyomizu-dera and Gion.

You know, I'm not really a religious person but I always find myself a fond of traditional temple when it comes to travelling. Well maybe it's kind of habit that I got from my parents since I was little and this time around, we visited 3 beautiful temples in Japan during our 8 days trip. It was fun ;)

Neverful bag - Louis Vuitton

Move on to Gion, where you can find Maiko and Geiko (Geisha) strolling around the area. One of the the main reason why my sisters and I visited Gion. It's also the place where I took my Kimono pictures on my previous post.

I guess that's all for now and I hope I can share more photos about Japan if it's necessary ;)