Sunday, 23 April 2017

Made in LA

Greetings from the sunny California! Am sorry for my late update though. Well, as you can see from my instagram, I'm currently enjoying my holiday in LA although I will be back like very soon but yeah here's a little update from me just because I've been MIA on the blog for quite a while. Hope you enjoy ;)

Strolling around from Melrose Avenue to LACMA wearing an oversized blazer from Tities Sapoetra because the weather was so perfect, not too hot yet not too cold, thus wearing a piece of boyfriend blazer was just right.

Oversized blazer - Tities Sapoetra
Linda Farrow sunnies - Optik Seis
Sling bag - Alexander McQueen
Shoes - Chalotte Olympia

Photos by Andreas Zhu

Saturday, 8 April 2017

VAMFF 2017 Recap

First of all, I would like to specifically thank Trade Victoria for having me as part of the Trade Victoria VIP Program last month, I had a really great time attending all the shows at VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival) and also exploring the beautiful city of Melbourne once again, what a lovely experience.

Well, it was my first time attending Fashion Festival in Australia, Melbourne to be exact and I have to say the fashion scene is quite interesting. I myself have been a fan of a few Australian fashion labels and designers because they do offer something different and exciting yet not trying so hard to catch people's attention. They are trendy but wearable, the pieces are not over the top but still interesting, really interesting.

Anyway, we arrived in Melbourne on the first day of VAMFF and the first show that we attended was The Gala Runway presented by David Jones. It was just like International Designers Parade in my eyes where I could see so many familiar brands I've been following both international & local and sure it was lovely. There were so many personal favorites of mine like Ellery, Alice Mcall, C/MEO, Valentino, Dries Van Noten, Thurley and still many more!

On the second day, it was time for The Indonesia Runway which featured one of Indonesia's leading RTW designer, Peggy Hartanto and the winner of AIC Young Indonesia Fashion Designer Awards 2016, I.K.Y.K #IndoProud.

Peggy's New Collection of "Pierrot" was elegant, sophisticated and modern, I couldn't help but to notice the beautiful silhouettes and details on each pieces. I was lucky to be able to wear a piece from their new collection that day and got so many compliments because of it.
On the other hand, I.K.Y.K F/W 2017 "Bumi" was all edgy everything. I love the fact that they were using earthy color palette which was just one line with their collection theme and tittle. Would love to keep a pice or two in my closet ;)

After The Indonesia and Chinese Runway, we had our lunch and a little free time at Fitzroy area before visiting Nobody Denim store to bag home one favorite item. To note, Nobody Denim only produces premium denim made in Melbourne, so yes, it's a local brand.

Anyway, my pick was this white boyfriend jeans that I wore on the next day for the business breakfast and to visit NGV.

I've already heard so much about the Fashion Artists Exhibition by National Gallery of Victoria which recently featured the spectacular and avant-garde creations of Viktor&Rolf. It attracted so many visitors all around the world including some of my friends thus made me curious to know which fashion house will be featured next.

They say be careful what you wish for, because it might come true and just like that I had a privilege to sneak a peek into the next Fashion Artists Exhibition, The House of Dior: "Seventy Years of Haute Couture" that is coming to Melbourne's NGV on August 25 to November 7, 2017.

This collaboration between NGV and House of Dior will be showcasing more than 140 masterpieces that were designed from year 1947 to 2017, from the iconic collection of Christian Dior to the new collection of Maria Grazia Chiuri.
Everything will be told at the exhibition, from the history of the House of Dior itself to the unique history between Dior and Australia.

Not only that, at the exhibition, we will have the chance to see the stunning garments, the silhouettes and details that will be on display up close. I've already seen the wonderful 6 masterpieces through the sneak peek and I was already blown away, what more to 140!

Remember, Melbourne is the only place where we'll be able to see the exhibition so please be sure not to miss it because I believe it will be even more spectacular and worth-it.
I myself can't wait to go back again for it, and maybe we can visit the exhibition together this time? ;)

PS. Tickets are available for purchase at

After visiting NGV, we still had some more time before the night show, so Shopping Links team brought us to visit yet another Melbourne based label, White Story. You've seen my pick for this label on my previous post but since I promised to share more about it, here goes what's behind the scene of White Story.

Back to VAMFF, later at night, we went back again to the Royal Exhibition Building for Day 3 highlight, Camilla and Marc show. I can see how famous these duo designers from the massive crowd that came to support the show and I heard that it's not easy to get into the show. How lucky we were to be seated front row!

Camilla and Marc started the show with a lovely orchestra performance and then followed by the models gracing the runway looking so good in silk, fur, lace, you name it! It was modern yet edgy at the same time, lovely.

Day 4 started off with a free and easy so we took the chance to explore the city. We had yummy lobster roll for lunch and wonderful coffee after, and not forgetting outfit pictures! I was wearing Alpha 60 dress I got from the previous day, it's so easy to wear and just my style: oversized, midi and comfortable.
If you're not familiar, Alpha 60 is also a Melbourne based label, known for its fresh take on classic style and cuts, reflecting a 'sophisticated quirk' unique to the brand.

Last show and last day for us was on Day 4, The Premium Runway presented by Shop Til You Drop Magazine. It was also one of my favorite shows because of a my favorite Keepsake and Finders Keepers! Always a pleasure to see their pieces on runway. Some other memorable pieces were from Kindred, Wild Horses, S.Wallis and Isabelle Quinn. Prints, embroidery, slits, sheer, fur and just everything nice!

Once again, I would like to thank Trade Victoria and also Shopping Links for supporting this collaboration, for making it all happen and for taking so much care of us. THANK YOU!

Monday, 3 April 2017

Pomelo summer favorite

When it comes to staple pieces, my pick will always be basics. Starting from white oversized shirt and then long pants, as easy as that. Reason? These two pieces are very versatile that you can wear in almost every situation and they match well with just everything.
Thus, my picks from Pomelo's new summer collection are just similar. Collarless oversized shirt and side snap trousers. I love the fact that we can adjust the slit of the trousers courtesy of the snap buttons. You want it normal and formal, button them all; you want it sexy, snap them buttons. Easy to wear, easy to style.

Check out Pomelo's new summer collection HERE and hope you find anything you like ;)

Mini pashli - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Shoes - Saint Laurent

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Back to Nagoya

So, it's time for the very last part of my Japan trip from last February. It's been a month, hmmm how time flies. Anyway, it was our last day in Japan and after two days spending our time in Shirakawa-go, Takayama and Kanazawa, we finally continued our journey to where it all started, Nagoya.

However, just before heading back to Nagoya, we first managed to visit Kanazawa's Omi-cho fish market, how awesome is that! Everything's fresh here and good Lord, we tried their best grade of sea urchin and it was SOOO GOOD! Though we didn't spend much time there, I was happy enough to taste the uni and otoro.

Stopped for a 15 minutes break at the rest area, and it means picture time! Also a cone of ice cream, perhaps? ;)

Lunch was quite early that day, it was at 11AM. We had oh so yummy grilled eel and it's one of Nagoya's special dish, known as Hitsumabushi! What's so unique is that there are 3 ways to enjoy hitsumabushi. However, you need to divide the rice bowl contents into four equal servings beforehand.
First, place a quarter portion of the rice bowl on a smaller bowl and eat it just like that.
Second way is to mix another quarter portion with other condiments including the wasabi.
Thrid, try to eat another quarter portion with the dashi broth.
And you can eat the last quarter portion any way you like.

After lunch, we went straight to Nagoya Castle to learn yet another history of the city and of course for pictures ;)

"During the Edo period, Nagoya Castle was the heart of one of the most important castle towns in Japan."

Before we entered Nagoya Castle, we first visited the Hommaru Palace where you can find beautiful paintings and traditional sliding doors inside.

"The Hommaru Palace was regarded as the finest masterpiece of modern castle architecture in Japan and along with the Ninomaru Palace at Nijo Castle in Kyoto , which is designated as a National Treasure, was considered to be the preeminent example of samurai style Shoin palace architecture."

And this is the view from Nagoya Tower (Castle).

Moving on, snack time! Yet another Nagoya's specialty, Ogura Toast (red bean paste on toast) with whipped cream, yum!

We ended the day with a night stroll near the hotel we stayed in Nagoya.

Last but not least, I would like to thank JNTO Indonesia and Cathay Pacific Indonesia for having me and for arranging this wonderful trip. Also thank you to Hans and Sierin for taking most of my pictures :)