Sunday 15 May 2016

GIVENCHY | Favorite picks

Well, where should I start? All I know is that I've been a fan of Riccardo Tisci's work since as long as I can remember, so having an opportunity to collaborate with Givenchy through GAP Luxury is such a pleasure for me. 

In this photo set, we are featuring pieces from their 2015 and 2016 collections, from the classic 'pervert' to the new lace pieces that are stunning enough to grab your attention. All black and white, black and white, just because it's Givenchy ;) So, which look is your favorite?

Wardrobe and bags by Givenchy via GAP Luxury

Photographer: Fredy Wijaya
Videographer: Agung Kurniawan of Moreno Photography
MUA: LouLou

Location: HYDE

Sunday 8 May 2016


One more outfit post taken in the middle of busy New York City. It was just last week we went back home after the trip and I'm already looking forward to our next trip but where could our next destination be? ;)

All suited up in SHO bizzare blazer and pure pants with the background of NYC tall buildings just because they match. Don't they?

Bizzare blazer - SHO
Pure pants - SHO
Pashli bag - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Paloma shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Cherry blossom

Just like in Japan, cherry blossom a.k.a sakura is also blooming in New York City. On the last day of our stay, we managed to visit the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden to enjoy their kind of spring, simply beautiful.
Well, hubby and I chose New York instead of Japan for our prewedding destination in order to not be too mainstream, but who knew that New York also has beautiful cherry blossom park, just perfect for outfit pictures ;)

Shirt - H&M
Kelly 25 - Hermes
Shoes - Drama Shoes