Monday 30 April 2018

Jet lagged

It's currently 5AM here in Hong Kong and I've been awake since 4AM this morning, so I thought why not write a new entry on the blog since I've been MIA for almost a month here. Good thing I still have quite lots of pictures to be shared from my recent trips to Korea and USA, so expect a few blog entries this May, Amen.

Anyway, these pictures were taken in Busan and well, it was my first time visiting the town, thanks to Indah Tour! I First knew about Busan because I watched too many K-shows back in the days and heard that they are famous for their sashimi (Hwae), it is different form Japan's since they use different kind of fish and seasoning but believe me it's heaven! If you're fond of sashimi, please have a try :)

Back to Busan, here I was wearing a beautifully embroidered oversized jacket from Red Valentino to keep me warm because the weather was killing us, we thought it would just be 16-17 degrees but the wind made it like 6-7 degrees during our stay, thank God I brought a few jackets that are not so thin including this one. By the way did you notice that I changed my picture tone? It's a bit yellow ish compared to before but I kinda like it just for a change, for now. But, what do you think about it? Which one do you like better?

Pictures by Andy Yanata

Oversized jacket - Red Valentino
Cap - Cap10
Boots - Wittner

Sunday 1 April 2018

Never not holding a cup

I kinda feel that Japan is just another Australia; in this case, it's about their coffee. It's really a piece of cake to find good coffee in Tokyo just like in Sydney, right? Even the famous, not to mention my favorite Arabica Coffee in Kyoto is a par with Campos. Disclaimer: it's only my opinion.

Anyway, it was just last week I came back from Tokyo and now I need to pack my stuff again for #travelwithindahtour to South Korea and we'll be flying tomorrow night! I am not complaining, just excited for another working holiday trip, to be reunited with the full team once again and it's gonna be another crazy yet memorable trip for sure! Don't forget to catch us on our Instagram accounts for the craziness ;)

Meanwhile, here goes another outfit pictures, still from our latest trip to Tokyo. Went all neutral, like usual for a coffee break while waiting for the rest shopping around the area.

Sweater - H&M
Oversized jacket - COS
Rectangle sunglasses - Balenciaga
Lou Lou bag - Saint Laurent
Boots - Wittner