Tuesday 31 May 2011

Just miscellaneous

Just some miscellaneous photos that were taken last weekend by my photographer friend, Denny while he was trying Rolland's lens, featuring some of my favourite accessories.

PS. You can find the rings from my twinzie's shop on facebook here. However, to see and get some of the new arrival stuffs you need to contact her via facebook message since they are not uploaded in the album yet ;)

Friday 27 May 2011

Fashionable finger food

Seriously, don't you think these cute and tinny little things are so fashionable?

Not to mention that they are always spotted in almost every fashion events and parties, am I right?

source: tumblr

Hahaha yeah, macarons are the prettiest, cutest and the most fashionable finger food that I've ever seen. They always remind me of shoes, pretty shoes, don't you think so? 
Their colors are just like heaven, being served in lots of colors that represent the flavors just remind of pretty shoes and their characters. Not only that, they are also have a lot of varieties (served with chocolate sauce, fruits, bows,etc), just like shoes' designs.

What do you think? ;)

PS. alright, I feel like eating them now -____-

Thursday 26 May 2011

Call it a dream, a perfect dream

How would I describe a perfect dream??

1. Walking in a room full of shoes everyday

2. Having millions of shoes

3. Having a fabulous shoe closet which is full of pretty shoes like Khloe Kardashian's or Mariah Carey's

4. And having a pair of unbelievably super gorgeous and dreamy shoes like this!

source: tumblr

If I happen to experience a perfect dream like this, I wouldn't want to wake up forever. Oh, I mean it ;)
So, what's your perfect dream?

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Yummy shoes

Source: Kandee

What is the perfect word to describe these colorful and candy-like shoes? 'YUMMY' isn't it? They are created in Candyland anyway (that's what I read on their site).

These super pretty colorful yummy Kandee shoes are surely perfect to wear on summer, am I right?? I'm so drooling over these pretty shoes. However, they are all currently not available anymore (yes, all of them *sad*). Nevermind, I'll keep my eye on their website and wait till they are ready in stock again, who's with me?? ;)

their website http://kandeeshoes.com

Oh anyway, I'll announce the 5 people who will get the 20% discount vouchers from BATTEN in my next post ;)

Sunday 22 May 2011


Have you heard about BATTEN? It's the new hot outerwear brand in town! The brand name itself was taken from the word button since they believe in versatility of all the possibilities that buttons can create.
"BATTEN is an incipient fashion label, which provides you designer-made outerwear for both men and women that bring in versatility concept to its design."

So, I got this white stripe shawl cardigan from BATTEN which is quite unique and versatile that I can even wear it as a top though it is a cardigan. Not to mention how I love the asymmetrical front length that compliments the cardigan really well.

Paired the cardigan with my studded high waist pants that I bought in Bangkok.

Shoes are Arfadh Baparsyah and the bag is Furla.

PS. want to know more about BATTEN and their hot stuffs? check out their website http://battenclothing.com/ and twitter here.

And anyway, I have 20% discount vouchers from BATTEN that I want to give to my 5 (yes, five!) readers. What you need to do is just leave your name and email in the comment box below and I'll pick random winners from there. Have a nice day =)

Wednesday 18 May 2011

I just can't get it back

Another outfit post.

The shirt is from ChocoChips' new collection. They haven't launched it and yet I've already had this shirt since I happened to be the model for their upcoming collection. I know how lucky I am ;)

Shoes are from June+Julia. Have I told you that their boots are unbelievably comfortable to wear?? Not to mention that their prices are really affordable too.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Near to the edge

Yep, my favourite place.

I was wearing jumper from Esprit and shoes from Arfadh Baparsyah. Uh-uh, another killer one from them. It's call the Zippers. Check out their website http://www.baparsyah.com/

Monday 16 May 2011

Another day, another space

I always dress based on my mood. One day I could dress super girly and another day you can find me wearing just the opposite. I do what I like, I dress how I feel.

Wearing cropped striped top from Cotton Body, pants from my lil sist's closet and shoes from Arfadh Baparsyah.

Speaking about the shoes, you can find and buy them on www.baparsyah.com SOON! stay tuned for their new collection ;)

Saturday 14 May 2011

The Island

If you happened to follow my twitter, you should have known that around 2 weeks ago, I went to this beautiful Island for a photoshoot session with one of my most favourite photographers ever, Rolland Claudio. And this is my MOST FAVOURITE shot of the series ♥ 

I really REALLY do love this photo a lot, seriously. It is indeed becoming one of my most favourite photo ever. Huge thanks to the photographer, you are really truly freaking amazing, man.

Here's some other shots from the series, enjoy ;)

Thursday 12 May 2011

Come and get you candy

 Photographed by Didit Zulu

Photo was taken a while back then. Please just ignore my stupid face there XD
Wearing top and high waist pants from a random shop in Bangkok, studded pumps from Alice.

Anyway, I was featured on Tongue in Chic today. Click the badge below to read the article ;)

And here's another feature: Blogger of the week on I C U - In Paris THE BLOG

Sorry, nothing much to blog today. 

Wednesday 11 May 2011

Take me higher

I was wearing military jacket from bYSI, pantskirt from Pink Label and the boots from a random shop in Beijing.

Do the boots remind you of some disney movie? *cough* Aladin *cough* hahaha just gotta love the design.

Did a collab with Yoshi Sudarso from LOOKBOOK.nu (he is Peter Adrian's brother) and he had this idea of wearing purple as our collab theme (purple shoes actually but in the end I can't even see his shoes hahaha). Yeah, I don't own any purple shoes except these flat boots that I seldom wear since Jakarta is super hot. Anyway, check out our looks below ;)