Thursday 19 July 2018

Summer days

Bali days. And Imma share on how I normally dress up and plan my outfits for summer days, esp in (island) places like Bali.

One, I always invest in swimwear that I can mix and match with my daily wear because I believe nothing is too sexy to wear in Bali.
Two, I tend to keep my look rather simple, like when I'm wearing a hat, I try not to wear sunglasses too, or the other way around. Also, I try to avoid wearing too much accessories.
Three, choose neutral palette because Bali is already vibrant ;)
Last, I need to be comfortable with what I'm wearing, meaning: I won't force myself to wear something that makes me less confident; in my case, flats.

Swimsuit - Kerokoo
Skirt - H&M
Boater hat - Shabby De Hat
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia