Friday 30 May 2014

That girl

Apologize for the lack of post these past few days as I've been sick and just got better this afternoon. I hope I'll be completely fine by tomorrow for Infare part 3 so I can meet you guys there. Anyway here are some outfit pictures during my holiday in Bali taken at the hotel that I stayed in and the review is coming up soon here on the blog so stay tuned ;)

Sabrina top - Vivi Corner
Pencil skirt - M by Mischa
Necklace - Antyk Butyk
She wolf pumps - Charlotte Olympia

Monday 26 May 2014


I'm sure a lot of you guys have already known this beautiful place that located in Bali. It was really sunny when I reached Vue and so I thought the lighting would be perfect for some outfit pictures. Dolled up in my comfy outfit combining white, yellow and pink color to blend with the beautiful blue sky. Any thoughts?

Cropped top - Zara
Necklace - Antyk Butyk
Baroque sunglasses - Prada
Mini square 7 - Chanel

Friday 23 May 2014

Pour Louis Vuitton

So after all the teaser photos that I posted on instagram since last week, here's the complete series of my newest collaboration with LOUIS VUITTON and the talented photographer Advan Matthew! I was super thrilled when they first contacted me for this project and I know how lucky I am since Louis Vuitton is one of my all time favorite brands too. Anyway, in this collaboration, I got the chance to create 8 looks wearing Louis Vuitton's clohings, bags and accessories; it's like making my own lookbook and how awesome is that? ;) Alright, I won't say anything much anymore, I just wish you all like the photos as much as I do ;)

Denim jacket by Louis Vuitton
White vest by Shop at Velvet

Sweater, clutch and shades by Louis Vuitton
Skirt by M by Mischa

Dress and bag by Louis Vuitton

Dress and bag by Louis Vuitton
Shoes by Charlotte Olympia

Top, shades and bag by Louis Vuitton
Skirt by M by Mischa

Top and pochette by Louis Vuitton
Skirt by M by Mischa

Shawl and pochette by Louis Vuitton

Jacket, skirt and bag by Louis Vuitton

Special thanks to Louis Vuitton and the team
Photographed by Advan Matthew
Make up by Andreas Zhu
Location: FJL Kemang

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Gold line

You see, I kinda ran out of stock of my black tops to match with this lovely gold lining skirt that I got a few days back from Esme Gallery and so I went creative with using my new black swimsuit as a top for a sunny day in Bali. How do you like my experiment here? ;)

Black bracelets - Hanaru Park
Black pumps - Aldo

Sunday 18 May 2014

Sky blue

I was just feeling a little bright so I suited up with all of these bright pieces. Not sure when was the last time I wore sunglasses for an outfit post here on the blog and all of a sudden I felt like wearing them for a day out too so I asked my sister for her help taking these pictures. Anyway, how do you like my hair now? Sometimes it looks grey but sometimes it looks blonde too (in the pictures), well actually it's all depending on the lighting and truth be told I'm quite annoyed, maybe I should try the darkest shade of grey next time.

White top - Vero Moda
Pleated skirt - M by Mischa
Baroque sunglasses - Prada
Dolly pumps - Charlotte Olympia

Thursday 15 May 2014

Street art

Earlier today, my parents, lil sis and I went to visit the famous street art at George Town here in Penang just to find this particular wall painting of "little children on a bicycle" because people were talking about it and I was curious too. Well of course it's amusing for me to find something like this here, a good spot for outfit pictures too ;)

Black jumpsuit - Cloth Inc
Red wool jacket - Cloth Inc
Black bracelets - Hanaru Park
Red dinaste - Steve Madden

All wrapped up in Cloth Inc newest collection today. Gotta love the combination of the black jumpsuit and the wool jacket here since the weather in Penang is not as humid as in Jakarta, you know how much I love to wear jackets.

Photographed by my lil sis Dewi.

Tuesday 13 May 2014


So here they are, the holly Charlotte Olympia's shipwrecked dolly that I purchased a week ago, how do you like them? Anyway, as you can see that I'm currently having my holiday in Penang, Malaysia with my family after my dad had his heart surgery done a few days back and thank God he's okay now. Speaking of which, this afternoon, my lil sis and I visited Gurney Paragon mall which located just near our apartment to have our late lunch and of course to take my outfit pictures. Well, well, gotta come back for more outfit pictures tomorrow ;p

Skirt - ChocoChips
Alma bag - Louis Vuitton
Shipwrecked dolly - Charlotte Olympia

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Introducing: Belle et Petite

Talking about macarons, these fancy two-airy-almond-meringue-cookies-pressed-around-a-creamy-filling are kinda booming in Jakarta, or pretty much in the world. Not to forget, my favorite fashionable finger foods too ;)

Belle et Petite is a small French patisserie in Jakarta, specialising in macarons. Belle et Petite means “small and pretty”, just how it interprets its appearance and taste.

Thus, I was falling in love at first sight! I couldn't take my eyes off these colorful and pretty macarons. I wasn’t only falling in love with their looks, but also their texture and taste. The shells are perfect with well-formed feet & they have lots of yummy flavors such as Green Tea, Nutella, Rose Petal, Red Velvet, Cookies & Cream, etc. In addition to that, the fillings have great taste and not too sweet as compared to other macarons.

Undoubtedly, my favorite one is their signature macarons; the Mighty Burger (super mouth-watering double chocolate cheese). I just love the combination of sweet and savoury taste of the meringue, dark chocolate, and the cheddar cheese in the centre. They also have seasonal flavors which I won’t miss to get them. I must say, Belle et Petite is one of the best macarons I have ever tasted in Indonesia!

So, don’t hesitate to visit their instagram account @belleetpetite and contact them personally on +62878 7694 0331 or email to

Monday 5 May 2014

Little crochet

Showing off my new pair of Charlotte Olympia's shipwrecked dolly (below), how beautiful are these creatures? Well, actually I was in a rush finding the right pair of shoes for this outfit so I guess this is kind of a preview since I didn't take closer pictures of the shoes' details, maybe next time, maybe next post. Anyway, I'm gonna change my hair color tomorrow, any suggestion? I'm thinking of dyeing my hair grey again, darker grey I mean, thoughts?

Necklace - Gaudi
Shipwrecked dolly - Charlotte Olympia