Sunday 30 March 2014

Oriflame's The One Illuskin Foundation

People always ask me about how do I maintain to have a good facial skin and stuff while the truth is, I also have imperfect skin like minor blemishes or acne just like anybody else. However, to prevent and minimize all of those imperfections, I always wash my face regularly and also using The One Illuskin Foundation from Oriflame. Not only it will help your skin to look better and smoother, the material itself is light and oil-free; it gives great coverage and a natural looking finish. What's not to love? ;)

I know you guys have also been asking me about this particular product since you couldn't find it in the catalog now, but rest assured because it will be coming soon to Oriflame Indonesia too, just be patient and be sure not to miss this as I'm sure it will be one of Oriflame's hottest selling product in the near future.

Three main reasons why you should try and use The One Illuskin Foundation:

HaloLight Technology to perfect and illuminate skin
Buildabe coverage for a fresh natural finish
Oil-free formula means no shine

Be patient for this awesome product, alright? ;)

Thursday 27 March 2014

The forgotten Venice

Oh well, yes I'm so sorry that I almost forgot to post these pictures which were taken on my last day in Venice. Woke up early in the morning that day to catch the sunrise and unfortunately it was really foggy and in the end, all we did was taking pictures here and there in the fog. Well again, I kinda like the result of the pictures though. What do you think? ;)

Long trench coat - Romwe
Oversized hat - Zara
Pumps - Charlotte Olympia

Photos were taken by @mmehuillet.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Guidomaggi elevator shoes

Please don't be shocked seeing me in boots as I know you guys also know that I don't really wear flats. However, if you look closely into these Italian luxury leather boots from Guidomaggi, you'll realize that they are not like any regular boots. Only made with the finest materials and hand crafted for superior fit and finish, these are probably the comfiest boots with amazing leather quality that I've ever tried. What's more? who said wearing boots will make you look short? Oh hell no, Guidomaggi is here to rescue! To tell you the truth, the inside insoles are seriously no joke as the height is just like my daily high heeled shoes (yes around 13-14 cm) and of course still as comfortable as ever! That is why people call them elevator shoes. Now you can stand taller without being too obvious with these height increasing Italian leather shoes ;)

Fur jacket - Romwe
Skort - Chicwish

Sunday 23 March 2014

Porte rouge

Pls don't mind my strap, it was somehow inspired by the movie 'Stick It' lol. Anyway, it was the last day of Bloggers Basement Sale and this is what we did during our spare time, taking outfit pitures. Speaking of the basement sale, I would love to thank you guys once again for coming and shopping many many stuff from my booth! I really didn't expect that many people would actually come, and yes I'm so glad that I came back to my apartment with only few things left as I'm moving back to Jakarta soon, so thank you so much people!!

Cropped top - ChocoChips
Skort - Romwe
Jacket - Romwe
Dolly pumps - Charlotte Olympia

Friday 21 March 2014

Zip split

I always fancy unique dresses especially those in black color, and adding to my collection is this raglan maxi zip dress from Sea Citizen. Not just like any regular maxi dress, this awesome dress has the zippers feature on both of the front legs part that you can adjust depending on how you like it to be; you can zip them all or zip them halfway like what I did here. Well, I love how the dress hugs the body perfectly and the zippers detail that makes the wearer a.k.a me look taller despite the fact that I wore high heels here. Also not to mention that it helps you to show your curves too (not really for me since I don't have nice curves XD). However, tell me how can I not fall in love with this dress? Guess I'll be wearing it quite often in the near future, so bear with it okay ;)

CDC bracelet - Hermes
Pashli satchel - 3.1 Phillip Lim
Dolly pumps - Charlotte Olympia

Anyway, for those of you who wants to buy the same dress like above or any other items from, I have a discount code for you : SEAC4BROWN
This entitles those in Indonesia or any country within southeast asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam and Cambodia for free delivery, should you buy two or more items. It's valid for three months starting from today, so enjoy the treat ;)

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Venice, Italy

It was my very first time visiting this romantic city, Venice. I love the fact that I couldn't find a single car or motorcycle as they only use water transportation there, less polution is LOVE! No wonder my eldest sister loves this city so much to the point that she'll never get bored coming over and over again, she's been there three times fyi. Gonna update the second part soon so stay tuned okay and enjoy the photos ;)

Side split maxi skirt - Romwe
Necklace - Quinn
Delphine pumps - Charlotte Olympia

Photos of my by @mmehuillet.