Sunday 29 June 2014

Just Tangy - Daniel Wellington

So after the lovely horseshoe bracelet that I posted last week, here's the second product that I scored from Just Tangy, Daniel Wellington's women classic canterbury watch lady. Oh tell me who doesn't know this internationally known watch brand that is currently popular.

I can see that for some people, watch is one of their important daily companion, and so I think having a nice watch is just as important, the classic one to be exact. I know each and every person has a different taste and well, I found myself not really fond of a fancy watches with a lot of details or colors and I can say that Daniel Wellington watch is quite a perfect choice for me, it's simple, classy and easy to match with most of my outfit. Not to mention that the price of their watches are reasonable too. I myself has got two Daniel Wellington watches for now and maybe having another one or just a diferent strap is not a bad idea ;)

Just in case you didn't know, Just Tangy also sell many variations of Daniel Wellington straps.

"Daniel Wellington Watch is "THE WATCH" for every gender and every occasion. The thin and elegant watch face creates a clean design and is none other then perfection on your wrist. It is Timeless and Classy. Daniel Wellington has Ladies and Mens range. The "NATO" & "LEATHER" interchangeable straps allows you to have a different look every day."

Visit to find more designs of Daniel Wellington watches and also other international brands that they carry. Rest assured, they ship worldwide and it's 100% safe.

Anyway, enjoy a special discount of 10% for DW and other items on Just Tangy with code: "GSS2014". Valid only until the end of July. Happy shopping :)

Thursday 26 June 2014


So I'm back with more pieces from ChochoChips. Hmm this time I kinda went matchy - matchy pairing my white top with simple white shorts and also a white flower necklace. However, to make it not too white, I use my new Alexander McQueen clutch that I just got from VJ Vogue a few days ago, totally an eye candy!

Bracelets lovin' by Hanaru Park <3

White top - ChocoChips
White shorts - ChocoChips
McQueen clutch - VJ Vogue
Bracelets - Hanaru Park
Necklace - Greentelee
Pumps - Steve Madden

Tuesday 24 June 2014


This outtift post is actually the continuation of the previous review post. Photos were taken while boyfriend and I were waiting for our brunch meals to be served.

Alma vernis bag - Louis Vuitton
Bianca pumps - Christian Louboutin

Well, well, I still receive some comments from people saying that they prefer the way I dress when I was still living in Paris. I am speechless. Why? Not that I don't like it but do you know there is a huge difference between the weather here in Jakarta and Paris? Do you expect me to wear fur and atumn/winter coats here? Truth be told, I would love to but people will think I am crazy to wear those kind of stuff here, and you know how judgemental Indonesian people are. You do understand, don't you? ;)

Saturday 21 June 2014

Just Tangy - Claire Aristides

This is what really happens when I get bored of my bigger bracelets, I'll go for the smaller one instead, or should I say the smallest one. You know there will always be that one time when we need to match our simple outfit with just simple accessories. In this scenario, of course I won't bother to stack up my bracelets, in fact I'll just wear my super simple bracelet and maybe a classic ring.

 Speaking of the angel, this is what I recommend for a very simple yet lovely charm bracelet that can bring you extra luck too, Claire Aristides' lucky charm horseshoe bracelet in rose gold from Just Tangy. Being one of well known Singapore-based web store, Just Tangy carries a wide range of high quality and of course some well known international accessories brands while providing safe shipping worldwide. Not only Claire Aristides, you can also find Daniel Wellington, House of Harlow and many more there.

This Claire Aristides lucky charm bracelet is beautiful to wear, wonderful to give, and definitely not an ordinary charm bracelet, I'm deeply in love.

"This beautiful Claire Aristides is the perfect lucky charm for those who love. Made out of real 9 ct Gold, it comes in White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold.
Measures 18cm in total length, and 3 loops for adjustment."

Grab it fast before it's too late! Visit now and happy shopping ;)

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Hanaru Park summer story

"What is your favorite fashion accessory that you can wear almost everyday?"

First thing first, I'm not sure about you guys but I should say that accessories are one of my daily essential. And speaking of which, I have two things that I almost never left out when it comes to accessories: bracelet and ring. I somehow don't like the feeling of empty hands and fingers when going out, don't you guys feel the same?

Well, talking about bracelet(s), I'm sure you guys are already familiar with accessory brand Hanaru Park just like I am.

Designed by two lovely young ladies who are twin sisters, Hanaru Park always make sure to keep their consistency of producing high quality handmade bracelets for their customers. Just FYI, they have always been on my top 3 list of local accessory brand since I was first introduced to them.

And here they go again with some new pieces (below) that I'm totally in love with as these lovely bracelets are Hanaru Park's third design that they created specially for me, what an honor! As you can see, the bracelets come in my favorite colors too, MAJOR LOVE!

Also be sure not to miss my new favorite anaz so black bracelet (below) that you can find on their website now, limted pieces only ;)

And one last thing, just in case you haven't seen their newest lookbook yet, you can simply click this link to see it, I'm obsessed!!

Photo credits: Ken Lee and Hanaru Park

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Oriflame's The One Volume Blast Mascara

Everybody knows that mascara is quite essential when it comes to makeup, so finding the perfect mascara is quite important too. Introducing one of my eye make up secret that people keep asking about even though I've already posted about this particular product on my instagram a few months back. So here it is once again, The One Volume Blast Mascara from Oriflame.

Why do I love this product? Well, not only it gives a massive volume and natural curl to our lashes, it also helps us to somehow showcase our fabulous lashes with just a few coats. And what's best about this mascara is that you can always get the 'pop' eyes that (maybe) every girl has always wanted without any fake lashes! This magic water proof mascara is easy to apply and also to remove (with eye makeup remover of course) unlike those water proof mascara, this goes on smooth and slick and definitely won't break your lashes when you're trying to remove the mascara. Oh yes I am very addicted.

No fake lashes needed! And of course, till the next "The One" product review, girls ;)

Friday 13 June 2014

Fontana Hotel Bali

I was first introduced to Fontana Hotel by browsing through google search while looking for hotels to stay in Bali and couldn't say no when they invited me over for this new experience.

Contrast with the traditional Balinese style hotel, Fontana offers a very modern Balinese lifestyle with elegance. The best part is of course its strategic location as Fontana is situated in the heart of Bali (between Kuta and Legian).

How do you like my suite room? Well, I stayed in this beautiful room for 5 days and nope, not wanting to leave! Everything was just there complete with the excellent services, who would want to leave? Life is indeed too good to be true.


Talking about food, I had almost all my breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday at this awesome open kitchen restaurant, Portabella Bistro.

As for the buffet breakfast, they have so many choices of delicious foods for you to enjoy every morning. From yummy asparagus soup to crunchy chicken schnitzel, from fresh fruit juice to fresh-brewed italian like coffee, I just couldn't ask for more.

The lunch and dinner were very memorable as the friendly Italian chef who won runner up place of Hello Bali's chef war, Vittorio Negri was always there during my stay to cook mouth-watering and delicious Italian foods that will make you think that you are having your meal in Italy, I kid you not. Not to mention that he's such an easy going person and really nice to talk to. It was a pleasure to meet and talk to you, chef! And these are just some foods that we had at Portabella Bistro for several days *nomnomnom*.

Amuse bouche, the complimentary starter.

Ravioli lobster, this is my favorite of them all, a pasta pocket filled with a suprise inside. The strong lobster taste inside is just really fresh and now I’m craving for a plate! I have no more words to say as it’s just perfect.

Medium rare tuna grill, it was under “fish of the day” category and I hit the jackpot, I got tuna baby! Despite the pale color of the tuna, it’s really flavorful.

Borneo king crab soup - crab meat, leeks, dill-flavored oil. A bowl of happiness, I can’t ask for more.

Calzone ricotta - deep fried or ovenbaked calzone, ricotta cheese, mushrooms, bacon. You don’t need to travel to Italy to taste the real calzone as Portabella Bistro has it.

Seafood mix, from mahi – mahi, tuna, salmon, squid and prawn are all here! Grilled perfectly and so ready to eat.

Tiramisù classic - mascarpone cream layered between espresso and amaretto dipped ladyfingers, sprinkled with cocoa powder. Not too sweet and so soft that it just melts right in your mouth, my favorite dessert!

The almighty pannacota, the staff recommendation.

Pistachio cheese cake - fresh creamy cheese mixed with pistachio from Bronte and crispy biscuit base.

Chocolate lava cake, classic and still lovin’ it!

Moving on to the best outlet for relaxation that is still located in the hotel, Suma Spa which embracing the concept of Balinese Zen.

Do you know that Suma Spa is the first spa in Bali that introduces mangosteen (detox) treatment using mangosteen rind extract which contains healthy acids that benefit our whole body from head to toe. I had two hours of awesome body spa here and had a very nice sleep afterwards, definitely one of the best I ever had.


And last but not least, everybody's favorite Sunny 16 Café.

This library themed cafe open 24 hours offering a wide selection of yummy cakes and of course one of my favorite thing in the world, coffee! Enough of having breakfast a few days in Portabella, I also tried visiting Sunny 16 Café to have my breakfast of eggs benedict and it was awesome! And to make it even more awesome, of course I got myself a cup of hot café latte, definitely the best!

To sum it all, I had a very pleasant holiday staying in this beautiful and spacious four starred hotel and of course all thanks to Fontana Hotel for the super warm welcome and great hospitality. I'll be coming back for sure ;)

Jl. Dewi Sri No.68 Kuta – Bali,
Indonesia 80361