Thursday, 14 February 2019

February 14

First of all, let me wish you guys a Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you’re feeling really loved today :) And as for me, here I am currently halfway packing for tonight’s trip to Turkey and am still stuck between all the stuff that I should bring and whatnot.

Well, since I still got some time to kill before finishing the mess up and get ready for our Valentine’s Day lunch, here goes a little souvenir from my latest trip to Bangkok, another instagramable cafe/space that we discovered during the trip.

Thanks to my cousin, Citra for recommending us this beautiful wall in front of Kay’s Boutique Breakfast. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try their brunch menu because the queue was unbelievably long on the weekend, instead we managed to take away their famous drink, The Hulk. It’s a mix of matcha and chocolate, and it’s surprisingly good. Will def come back for the drink!

Sheer dress - Zara
Necklace - Tiffany & Co
Pants - Argyle & Oxford
Zeezee bag - Marie De La Roche
Shoes - Saint Laurent


  1. lovely look

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  4. suka sama outfitnya juga latar belakang nya haha. Happy valentine too ci

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