Monday, 21 January 2019

Wine red

Never a fan of wine but I always love wine red shade. For this year CNY, I've been piling up a few options that I will wear on the day and this pair of pants is obviously one of them. Why? Other than the theme-matched color, it's high waisted! Aside from oversized clothing, high waisted pants are perfect to hide your lower belly when you're over eating, seriously.
Just so you know, my must-follow rules for CNY is to wear rather simple and comfortable outfit and if possible, wear oversized ;)

Turtle neck top - Zara
Trousers - Love, Bonito
Saddle bag - Dior
Shoes - Prada


  1. pretty bag

    Mrs. Aa

  2. Simple yet so stylish as always :D

  3. Haha always love your curly hair ci hahaha

  4. love the color palette!

  5. i really enjoy seeing you wearing casual outfit

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