Tuesday 9 January 2018

The green cap

Decided to spend our last day in Sydney by visiting the Palm Beach again for the second time. The first time we were here, we didn't quite enjoy it because well you know, our car got towed as Goldwin put the wrong petrol inside the car and we even got back home by uber. Lucky enough, we were just 5 mins away from Palm Beach when everything happened. However, going back was another story as it takes an hour from Sydney to Palm Beach and vise versa, what an experience I know.

Well, anywayyyy since it was our last day and it was 41 degrees there, we knew that we had to hit the beach one last time, get tanned, enjoy a glass of virgin mojito, and finally watching the sunset at the wharf. What a perfect way to end our holiday.

Swimsuit - Kerokoo
Green cap - Danjyo Hiyoji
Gentle Monster sunnies - Optik Seis


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