Thursday, 25 January 2018

Sun and grain

Back to Palm Beach, styling my swimsuit into a off shoulder top and paired it up with my plain neoprene pants, creating a new silhouette and how do you like it?
Anyway, do you notice that I am currently obsessed with this frizzy curly hairstyle? However, since it is made from a tight braid, it won't stay as long as I wanted it to be. Do you have any suggestion(s) on how to maintain this hairstyle longer (say, more than 4 hours, because it normally only stays for an hour), except by permanently curling it?

By the way, everything is going alright on my end so far and I hope the same goes for you guys too. 

Riviera cap - Lack of Color
Gentle Monster sunnies - Optik Seis
Swimsuit - Kerokoo
Pants - Avgal


  1. In my opinion, the easy way is to get a crimping iron. then hair spray afterwards. but if your preference is non-heat tech, i suggest use hair mousse before braiding, and make sure the braids are in smaller sections, instead of dividing it only on two parts. I usually left the braid over night, and so far it stays for a decent amount of time (as long as i don't brush it over). I hope this helps ^-^)

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  3. I have ever been seen one trick that they applying mouse before do the braid and it will make it last longer but in a natural way. Have you try that one? I hope this help. Cheeers

  4. really love your hair ci!
    anw, did you braid it by yourself? if yes, tutorial pleaseee ^^

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  6. I though that's a jumpsuit, turn out a swimsuit Ka ^^ btw My hair looks like that without any effort but one thing that I dont know that some people want hairstyle look like that hehe but You suit with that hairstyle Ka ^^

    The Wonderland by Kartikaryani

    1. I know right, the grass is greener on the other side 🙈

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