Thursday, 4 January 2018


Pardon my hat, I know I've been using it so much lately but I just can't help it. You know, baker boy hat seems to be taking over the trend nowadays, correct me if I'm wrong because I've been seeing it so much just everywhere. Anyway, since you've been asking about mine, although I've already tagged it s many times on my Instagram, I scored mine from Lack of Color, an Australian based online store for hat.

Had a quick stroll at Potts Point, because Cath told me that it's a nice area esp for pictures and true enough, even the restaurants and cafes are so lovely around there. Glad I brought this Buen Alma outerwear from my dearest Tities Sapoetra because the weather has been quite weird these past two weeks. Well it's supposed to be summer now in Sydney, but it's nothing like it esp during the night, not that I don't like it, I actually love it; it's just scary how people always told me about global warming and stuff. Is it just me? Maybe I'm getting old?

Plain dress - COS
Buen Alma outer - Tities Sapoetra
Kasper flowers - Marina Hoermanseder
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia


  1. love outer ka tities 😍

  2. OMG!! Amazing <3

    Visit mine,

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