Thursday 2 February 2017

Stay comfortable

You know, I often (most of the times) opt for comfortable outfits before anything else. However, comfortable doesn't always mean fashionable or stylish; one wrong move, you can look lazy and sloppy. In case you're facing the same problem, here are few tricks that maybe can help you :)

1. Accessorize
Simple accessories will do, thin bangle or just a few simple rings always help. If you're not fond of jewelries, go for a hat; may it be fedora or boater hat, just make sure that the color matches your outfit.

2. Good pair of shoes will always do the trick
I believe everybody has their own good shoes in their own opinion right? It may be flats, medium heels or even sneakers; as long as you're comfortable in it, go for it. In my case, high heels are the most comfortable ones so yeah ;)

3. Don't be lazy to do your make up
If you're not a fan of heavy make up, just do a simple one; bb cream, blush and lip gloss? Why not.

Voila, I hope the tricks help :)

Aaaand here I am feeling comfortable being myself, wearing a dress shirt with cute ice cream details and simple white pants from This is April for a coffee break ;)

Ice cream shirt - This is April
Culotte pants - This is April
Boater hat - H&M
Shoes - Saint Laurent


  1. Always love you and your style kak Anaz ❤️

  2. awesome post Anastasia, thanks for the tips <3 and oooh I love your comfy look too :)

  3. thank you sis tipsnya, udah tau aplikasi Qute blom? bagus untuk bantu pilih-pilih baju. bisa download di atau

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    Couture darling

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