Monday 6 February 2017

3rd Floor

From last weekend staycation at The Gunawarman. We were just exploring the entire building and found this lovely spot on the last floor so might as well use it for outfit pictures. Here, I was carrying one adorable I got from Marie de la Roche, a luxury brand based in the Middle East. It's 100% made of love and care; it's precious. I believe some of you might have already seen it on my instagram before and just so you know, the real stuff is just as beautiful as in the picture. What I love about the bag is not only because of its playful and unique look, but also because it's spacious, even my camera fits inside! How convenient.

Top - Duma
Pants - Duma
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia


  1. the bag looks beautiful <3

    cheer, michelle ~

  2. love love love your white-ish look! <3 that bag gives a smooth pop in your look!

  3. Beautiful look! Love the simplicity <3

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