Wednesday 18 June 2014

Hanaru Park summer story

"What is your favorite fashion accessory that you can wear almost everyday?"

First thing first, I'm not sure about you guys but I should say that accessories are one of my daily essential. And speaking of which, I have two things that I almost never left out when it comes to accessories: bracelet and ring. I somehow don't like the feeling of empty hands and fingers when going out, don't you guys feel the same?

Well, talking about bracelet(s), I'm sure you guys are already familiar with accessory brand Hanaru Park just like I am.

Designed by two lovely young ladies who are twin sisters, Hanaru Park always make sure to keep their consistency of producing high quality handmade bracelets for their customers. Just FYI, they have always been on my top 3 list of local accessory brand since I was first introduced to them.

And here they go again with some new pieces (below) that I'm totally in love with as these lovely bracelets are Hanaru Park's third design that they created specially for me, what an honor! As you can see, the bracelets come in my favorite colors too, MAJOR LOVE!

Also be sure not to miss my new favorite anaz so black bracelet (below) that you can find on their website now, limted pieces only ;)

And one last thing, just in case you haven't seen their newest lookbook yet, you can simply click this link to see it, I'm obsessed!!

Photo credits: Ken Lee and Hanaru Park


  1. wide awake in seoul and reading your blogpost put a smile on my face ^^

  2. Aaaaaa cutie bracelets x3

    cheer, michelle

  3. Cute bracelets <3

  4. Cutee!!!

  5. Cute bracelets. Love them.

  6. how adorable <3

  7. falling in love with those bracelet!

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