Saturday 8 March 2014

Questions answered

Two questions that people always ask and bother me (all the time): about my work and my study here in Paris. Well, as I mentioned before, I study French language here but yeah some of you might have known that I'm going back to Jakarta soon. Now about my work, maybe you didn't know but I earn quite a lot through blogging and I kinda get fixed income every month because of that. Yes, I also have other small job that kinda related to fashion trading and something similar to commercial work.

I'm really amused that people always judge and think that I'm still using my parents' money and stuffs when in fact I almost never asked pocket money from them ever since I finished high school, it's the way my parents raise their kids, not to depend on others, if you want something, earn and work for it. I remembered that I've had several part time jobs after high school, I even helped my parents in their office too sometimes, I was okay with that. And now, though my sister pays for my study and apartment here in Paris, I pay the other daily things including my shopping spree by myself and yes I'm so proud of myself. So, what I'm saying is never judge people because you don't live their life and you didn't know what they have been through. I hope my answers are clear and let's have no more curiosity okay.

Anyway, here's my outfit post for today, no more long john, no more super thick jackets. I'm loving the weather these past few days, say hello to spring people.

Contrast trench coat - Romwe
Mini heartbreaker sling bag - Louis Vuitton
Dolly pumps - Charlotte Olympia

Photos by my dear cousin, @helloookiki.


  1. I adore you, kak! You're absolutely cool! I used to think that you're a kind of arrogant-rich-person. But, you're totally awesome! You've a great responsibility. I'm into you and your style for sure!

  2. I adore this!!!

  3. agree what you posted here ! well, people always judge us easily even with not knowing about ourselves at all. :(
    anyway, adore your look here, love the blue colors on you, it looks fresh !

  4. yeah, you go girl!
    love to hear the story told by yourself :)
    and you're so cool!!!! You know it, right? :)


  5. I love the blue vibe! Welcome spring :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  6. aahh ignore them..they are just jealous that you have a great life..
    anyway love your outfit ! love your blue skort !

  7. blogging is a work too..just ignore them who always judge you.
    some people just can't shut up their mouth and always judge the others.
    cheers! you always looks so pretty :)

    This is real and This is me

  8. pay no mind to what others say and think about you. I always adore you and you are so pretty :)
    And i love your shirt too.

    Have a great day :D

  9. great style!! ;.>

    new post

  10. People nowadays are indeed being judgmental before they even hear the story.
    Glad that you clarify all misunderstandings through this post :-)
    Anyway, love this spring-welcoming look!


  11. How is it already spring in Paris but not yet here in Germany?! :(
    The sun's shining a lot more often now but the temperature's still rather low
    Also, when you say you're going back, do you mean for good?

    1. The weather is awesome in Paris and yes I'm going back for good soon :(

  12. Love the skort!

  13. You're so cool ! And i really mean it. Not everybody can get everything they want from their own effort.
    I also know that blogging gives you income, but i used to think that your branded stuffs come half and half from ur parents and your own money since i know your parents own a kind of company, i thought you born and raised as a rich kid (im so sooo sorry for thought like that >.<). And after knew the truth i'm believing more and more that you're really a real inspiration :) i hope people can learn to read so there's no more people who bother you by asking those questions ! :)

    Keep being a great inspiration ci Anas. I somehow feel proud to be one of your loyal reader and fans lol x")

    Titany Shintamurti


  14. super duper love the outfit :) stay awesome and strong ci Anas!

    Pudding Monster

  15. People seem to have a stereotype that all bloggers live off their parent's money, I don't know why though. Gorgeous look <3

    The Quirky Queer

  16. love that skirt :D

  17. Beautiful colors and styling.
    I am a new follower. <3


  18. hi i am nicole from hong kong and i am 17 .I am now studying for my public exam in hong kong .I wish that i can create my brand in hk if i can get into the university and design inside it.i have followed your ig. for a period .Your lifestyle is what i looking for .thats real! i dont know whether i can be a designer or not . i do want to have a job that realated to fashion design .please keeping uploading your photo in ig..It makes me full of energy to face the pressure of public exam . Thank you.

  19. Lovely outfit<3

  20. I also love your skirt. I also have but we differ in colors. Hihihi. Love your blog

    Visit my blog The Dressing Diaries by Nikka
    Love Nikka ❤

  21. WooW!! super lovely outfit :) I love your super hot legs in those sexy tights <3

  22. wowww~ you really did a great things hereeee :D
    super love the coat here x3

    cheer, michelle

  23. To be frankly speaking, I USED TO think you were a little bit of spoiled child in your family. I've been following your instagram as well for God knows how long. But the thing is, I couldn't make myself hate you or even judge you because the only thing I always do whenever I see your update on Instagram or here on your blog is adore you. I don't know if this makes sense, but your fashion sense makes me adore you aside from the thought I had on you about being spoiled child. And after reading this post of yours, I came up with a conclusion that I adore you as who you are, the fashionable and lovely Anastasia Siantar. Just don't think about what people talk behind your back or those who judge you, because you can do something more than to think about their rubbish thoughts.

    From yours truly (sorry for copycatting your tagline lol),


  24. You are such an inspirational blogger!
    I know that you used to work at your parents because you mentioned it couple times when you first start blogging, so I've known that you're not the spoiled kid type who can only spend parents' money without having the ability to earn some. You and your sister, Kiki, are my inspiration. You both work hard to earn what you have now.
    Keep inspiring 'kay, don't mind those judgmental people who can only seek for other people's weakness.
    You're awesome, ci! :D


  25. i think it's amazing that blogging is your occupation and you can take care of yourself on your own! good for you girl :)

    i.e.; Jessie

  26. your blog is really impressing!
    are you a model or a fashion designer?

  27. My very first reaction after I read this post was like OH-MY-GOD! Well, I used to think that you're a spoiled child who love to spend your parent's money for your own amusement (I have a lot of friends who act like that in law school). But after I read this, I change my mind. I really adore your cuteness and fashion sense (hands up for that!) and I adore you even more now for the fact that you earn and spend your own money. Salute! :) I hope that I can be someone like you one day hihihi. Merci beaucoup, Kak Anas! Keep inspiring!

  28. Hi,I'm jennifer.Your OOTD everyday is very amazing,I love your outfit stule,hairstyle,makeup,and many more.But one that I really really like......Your Jeffrey Campbell barbie shoes.ohh my god is quite awesome,I wish I can anas.Your OOTD inspiring me about my daily OOTD.Thank you anastasia

  29. Hi,I'm jennifer.Your OOTD everyday is very amazing,I love your outfit stule,hairstyle,makeup,and many more.But one that I really really like......Your Jeffrey Campbell barbie shoes.ohh my god is quite awesome,I wish I can anas.Your OOTD inspiring me about my daily OOTD.Thank you anastasia

  30. Well, to be honest I used to think you were just like the other spoiled rich girls that buy expensive stuffs using their parents money. But then i found a rather old article about you when i was googling, you explained that you earn your own money and not not depend on your parents. My admiration towards you is doubled instantly cause your style and personality are awesome. So just ignore those who judge you and keep inpiring, ci :) oh, and i've been wondering if you would launch your own fashion brand someday. Must be lovely i think. Look forward to it to be true ;)

  31. Omg.. you are really awesome. Thanks for telling your followers about it, though you don't have to. Now my adoration for you has doubled.


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