Thursday 31 August 2017


Decided to come to the grand opening of the new Dior Plaza Senayan Boutique today in something simpler than what I normally wear to events. Well, truth is, I just couldn't wait to wear my newest Dior feminist T-shirt as I finally got my hands on it. Though it's not from their first edition since I couldn't get it last spring, I am content enough to get the current but more blurry one this time. Paired it up with this set of Gucci knitted cardigan and trousers to make myself look more presentable to the event ;)

The event was grand; it was packed with many beautiful people and I had fun spending time with the usual suspects, well you know, the non stop chit chat and taking oh so many pictures like usual.
Highlight of the day was of course having private dinner with Dior and meeting the one and only Aimee Song of Song of Style for the third time. What a lovely day, indeed.

T-shirt - Christian Dior
Knotted cardigan - Gucci
Knitted trousers - Gucci
Bag - Gucci
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia


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