Sunday, 6 August 2017

I feel like Gucci

Well, ever since Alessandro Michele took over the creative director position at the house of Gucci, my love towards the brand has finally sprung up again. I gotta say the new look of Gucci is just irresistible, it's trendy, it's loud yet you will find yourself not being able to say no. My interest first spiked up because of the popular Dionysus bag back in 2015 and then season by season I got more and more interested to the brand. Now, I always find myself looking forward to what's to come.

Just last week, Gucci Plaza Indonesia hosted a lovely Gucci Garden event, inviting many well known celebrities, fashion editors, bloggers and influencers to experience the "Garden" designed  under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele himself. See more of the event on my Instagram :)
Meanwhile, here goes what I wore to the event.

Full look in Gucci

Pictures by Citra Tjaja


  1. You'r ootd omg!!!😍😍😍
    GORGEOUS! Simple outfit with awesome colors💓

  2. I love this casual-luxe look!
    Alessandro Michelle's really done wonders for the brand.

    Belle in Black and White

  3. love this outfit..

    Mrs. Aa

  4. Cantik selalu.. :*
    Ci anaz udah jarang review high heels ya cii..

  5. Love it love it love it.

  6. Love it love it love it.

  7. i love the whole broken white theme going on here, you look pretty as always!
    Margareta Vania
    Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

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  8. In love with your style ci, as always�� lit����

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