Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Since the pajama trend is very in lately, here I am contributing my own version of pajama trend without using the matchy matchy set; instead I'm a plain collarless white shirt and my #KENZOxHM trousers that I really love because why not? It's so comfortable and soft I can wear it for days. Speaking of which, what do you think of the collaboration between Kenzo and HM? Well, I scored a few items with the help of my friend and love them pieces, but truth be told, I wasn't as eager to get them compared to the previous collaborations. How about you?

Shirt - Zara
Trousers - Kenzo X HM
Tote - TUMI
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia


  1. These trousers are just fabulous! And I love how you've styled them - look so comfortable but also incredibly chic. Molly x

  2. I love the PJ trend so this outfit is awesome!
    I wasn't so sold on the KenznoXH&M collection. I like the print on your trousers but I'm not a huge fan of animal print which is what a lot of the collection has.

    Belle in Black and White

  3. Simple, chic, and modest. I like it.

  4. love this look


  5. This look so comfy!


  6. Ahh I love the pyjama trend! Its one of the most comfortable trends that came out of fashion in the longest time! And your outfit looks just so comfy that I cannot even express it! You look amazing, so elegant and chill!
    Kinga x

  7. love your hair !


  8. awesome and beautiful

    you are my inspiration

    Hijabasta | www.hijabasta.com

  9. I love how you wear that pajama! so beautiful <3
    Visit mine

  10. That pajama can make your day astonishing :) Very nice. Why dont you look more at
    Bayan Pijama :)

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