Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Chapter

scarf from Bijoux Terner, bag from Mango, high heels from Vincci

Went out with my sister Inez to watch Green Hornet at Cineleisure (yes, still when I was in Singapore) and had some sister shopping time around Orchard area, not to mention there was a flea market at Scape's basement.

It was so hot that I just didn't bother to wear long pants, leggings or dark colors apparels like the previous days. And so I chose to wear a white over sized shirt with my new favourite scarf, some accessories, not to forget the sunglasses and the high heels of course.

Photographed by Inez Siantar


  1. lush style <3

    check out my blog :)



    1. - Ầm ầm.

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      - Ầm.

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  2. Like your style .
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  3. gorgeous,
    thanks a lot for your comment! ;-)

    anyway, your outfit is so simple yet so chic!


  4. hey there !
    blogwalking :)
    i just knew u from , love ure style , u are gorgeous :)
    im just wondering are u Silvia Siantar's sister ? :)

    following you now :) follow me back ?


  5. hai..i like ur look..may i know where'd u get that sunglasses? thankyou;)

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