Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Cremorne Point

It was Easter Monday when we went to Cremorne Point Wharf and found this hidden spot where you actually can see the panoramic view of Sydney city, including the Opera House and of course the iconic Harbour Bridge, just like what I shared on my instagram story yesterday.

Battling the harsh sunlight, dolled up in my all time favorite striped shirt and these black high knee boots. Layered on top the shirt is Gucci pussycat sweatshirt.
Hair clips are from Casa Caya and Sjk Atelier.

Dress shirt - Patrick Owen
Sweatshirt - Gucci
Rajah bag - Gucci
Boots - Wittner


  1. Ci nda kepanasan ka bajunya pake rangkap dua?

  2. Everything about this outfit is lit!


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