Sunday 11 February 2018

Golden creatures

I always have this hobby of wearing my outerwear as a top or a dress, just like what you see here, safari jacket as a top (PS. I wore shorts inside). I don't know but it's just a lot easier for me which I don't need to think of what to wear inside and of course I don't have to pack too many things inside my luggage while traveling. Do we have the same hobby here? ;)

Back to the jacket, here I paired it up with my favorite old Loubs and something extra which is this Gucci Ottilia bag so I won't look too plain and boring; I even searched for this not so simple background just to shoot this look, very dedicated I know, kidding.
Anyway, this overlapping double flap closure bag is from Gucci Fall Winter 2017 collection and it's a part of Gucci's anti-modern laboratory. What do you think about it?

Safari jacket - M by Mischa
Prada sunnies - Optik Seis
Ottilia bag - Gucci
Shoes - Christian Louboutin


  1. I always admire and wonder why you always make everywhere look like magic. Love your post always ce

  2. everything looks co gorgeous <3

    cheer, Michelle ~


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