Monday, 20 November 2017

BVLGARI TRIP - Milan & Venice

Sorry for the long wait even for the blog post but here you go, my latest trip to Milan and Venice with Bulgari. Anyway, before scrolling down, to those of you who haven't got the chance to watch my Bulgari Trip blog, you can watch the video above, please enjoy :)

When was it again, the last time I visited this beautiful city? Was so happy to be back again to Milan and this time with Bulgari! We were in town for their latest collaboration with Nicholas Kirkwood and also for their Spring Summer 2018 Collection launching. Not to mention I got the chance to visit the Bulgari Manifattura too in Valenza, feeling so blessed.

Well, on the first day we spent the whole day playing tourist, visiting the iconic Duomo for sure and so happy because it was my first time to go up on top of Duomo! Such a beautiful place with beautiful view and architecture, splendid! I think we took too many pictures just because I couldn't stop admiring the beauty of Duomo. Right after that, we had a little gelato time before we proceeded to the next location, of course other touristy place: Galeria Vittorio Emanuele. Been there quite a few times and well, it still hasn't lost its magic, taking outfit pictures there is always a good idea despite the super packed crowd.

- Bulgari Serpenti Forever Bag -

- Bulgari Serpenti Bag -

On next day, it's finally Venice! You know, Venice is always fine even though it was raining the whole day when we visited; we got drenched, hair became a mess and my boots got wet but guess what? We still had so much fun! We had a nice meal at the Italian restaurant near San Marco, we got nice pictures under the drizzle at St Mark's Basilica & Palazzo Ducale and experiencing the gondola ride once again. Truthfully I kinda like Venice when it is gloomy because then the sky won't be too bright as I don't really like harsh lighting.

- Bulgari Serpenti Forever Bag -

On the third day, we originally planned to visit the "Last Supper" but unfortunately we didn't get the tickets for that day so we changed our route to the Castello Sforzesco di Milano where it houses several of the city's museums and art collections.

- Bulgari Serpenti Viper Bag and Diva's Dream Sunglasses -

After lunch, we paid a visit to Teatro all Scalla, one of the leading opera and ballet theatres in the world. Though luck, turned out we were not allowed to go inside the theater so we roamed around the museum where the spirit of theatre life is being well-kept. You can see it from how they preserved the wardrobes and sculptures; moreover, you can also enjoy the history of the theatre inside the museum, it's interesting I promise.

Well, since I wasn't very satisfied taking outfit pictures in Venice due to our limited time, I brought this coat again to shoot in the Royal Palace of Milan, how grand is the entrance, definitely my type when it comes to OOTD pictures ;)

Later at night, it was the highlight of our Milan trip, the Bulgari X Nicholas Kirkwood launching party at Bulgari Hotel Milan! It's the new Serpenti Forever capsule collection reinterpreted through the visionary eyes of the well-known shoe designer, Nicholas Kirkwood! Yup, from stilettos to Bulgari's iconic snakehead clasp and do you know that it was also his first time making bags? However, he's always had an interest in jewelries, Bulgari's.

"I created the chevron patterns using rubberized studs, which have faceted ends that reminded me of diamond settings and some of the spectacular gemstones I had seen in Bulgari High Jewelry atelier in Rome."

Was too excited for the party that I planned my outfit too seriously, but hey it's okay, it's a party anyway, right? And it was LIT!

On our last day in Milan, We finally got the chance to see the original painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci! It was hard to get the ticket, you know. And it was lovely to know the history behind the painting, seriously.

Then we moved on to Bulgari Hotel again for the showroom session to discover Bulgari latest Spring Summer 2018 collection "Forever Love"; Serpenti Forever game is definitely still going strong! They said the collection is inspired by the street art and urban culture thus explains the skateboards, the ramps and also the 'grafiti'. My favorite has got to be the white pop heart bag! Too beautiful to be true, don't you agree?

That day' we also got a chance to interview Nicholas Kirkwood for his collaboration with Bulgari, how awesome is that. He is so nice and very accommodating to all of our questions. Super can't wait for the capsule collection to hit Jakarta's stores!

- Serpenti Sunglasses -

After our sushi buffet time which got us food comma, we went for a quick visit to the main public gallery for paintings in Milan, Pinacoteca di Brera. Stopped by just outside the gallery only for pictures because we were in hurry to catch sunset at Parco Sempione, a large city park in Milan. Managed to change my outfit and bag to match the ambience of the park, not forgetting my boater as well. How well did I dress just for this?

- Bulgari Save The Children Ring and Serpenti Bag -

All bags and accessories by Bulgari
Pics by Stefanie and Adra

Coming up next is my memorable experience at Bulgari Manifattura in Valenza. So, till next post ;)


  1. What a beautiful journey. I enjoy your playing tourist's story :)

  2. Eveything is just Perfect ❤️❤️❤️

  3. love all your looks..
    you look stunning

    Mrs. Aa

  4. you look so gorgeous as always <3
    Visit mine

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