Tuesday 28 March 2017

White Story

I'm not sure about you, but I myself can never have enough of white shirt. Whenever in doubt, I can always rely on it simply because you can never go wrong with a good classic white shirt. You know, I guess you can find over 20 different plain white shirts I own in my wardrobe and mostly are oversized (it works best for me). Adding to the collection is another oversized white shirt with bell sleeve details I got from White Story, a Melbourne based label that produce everything white, authentic and pure, thus white shirt. Had a chance to visit their office during VAMFF and good Lord, I don't mind staying there. Everything's just white, clean and inspiring; the fact that they make use of used fabric rolls as office decoration is GOLD! Will share more soon :)

Shirt - White Story
Boater - Lack of Color (DIY wrapped)
Triangle pouch - Seasonchic
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Pictures were taken at the beautiful Parliament of Victoria on my last day in Melbourne. So happy to be in town accompanied by my two cupcakes a.k.a my photographers during the trip. One best friend of mine and one little brother that I've known for years. You know, you should keep your real friends closer than your enemy ;)


  1. I really love this "gobor-gobor"kind of style ♡

    "you should keep your real friends closer than your enemy"
    Totally agree with that :D

  2. Nothing more adorable than a person with kind white heart wearing a white t shirt 😜😍💟

  3. Pokoknya selalu sukaaaaak sama style kak Anaz ❤️

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