Wednesday 1 March 2017

Life Well Travelled moments with Cathay Pacific

Having parents who run a business in Tourism and Hospitality, aside from fashion, travelling has always been a part of my life. To tell you the truth, one of my favorite thing while travelling is actually the in-flight experience; good food is really important for a food lover like me while entertainment on board is a plus point esp for long flights. However, everything above without a good service is a big NO, ZERO. I'm not trying to brag, but I've been travelling with so many airline companies (perks of working with my parents as a tour leader) and I can say only a few have left me with a very good impression; one of them is of course Cathay Pacific. As much as my parents, I myself have been a loyal customer of the airline and a Marco Polo Club member for years now.

My recent trip with Cathay Pacific was just ended a few weeks ago with a top notch. We flew business to Nagoya via layover in Hongkong for almost 4 hours and we had a chance to experience Cathay Pacific's The Pier New First Class Lounge.

Located at gate 63 on the North West concourse of the Hongkong International Airport, the new First Class Lounge offers  comfort beyond those afforded in the airport terminal itself such as luxurious ambience, quieter environment, more comfortable seating and even better internet connection, you know the life of social media influencer ;)  

Alright, so we reached Hongkong super early in the morning because of our midnight flight and the first thing I did when reached the lounge was of course taking a bath in their fancy shower room. Everything is prepared beyond our expectation and what I love the most is that they use fine amenities ranging from skin care, bath and body products from Aesop, oh what's not to love.

And just like what you read in the picture above, at The Pier's First Class Lounge, you can also enjoy a soothing foot massage and a quick nap in the day suites, perhaps?

After getting myself refreshed, Hans and I went straight to the super spacious Dining Room because they served our favorite dan dan mian; a Shanghainese style noodles in spicy hot peanut sauce! It's so good I swear. Other than that, you can also find wonton noodles and some American style breakfast and brunch.

The fancy Bar! Umm it's too early for alcohol, I guess ;)

And so I opted for a cup of hot latte, like usual, while waiting for our next flight to Nagoya at this big lounge. Ah, lounging has never felt so good.

It takes around three hours from Hongkong to Nagoya so might as well continue watching my favorite series of SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) from my super comfortable seat on board, it's the newest season by the way. You see, this is one more thing I like about Cathay Pacific, they always update their in-flight entertainment monthly so you won't have time to get bored and all.

Just like what I wrote on my instagram before, flying with Cathay Pacific still excites me because I always find myself looking forward to what what they would serve on board. Fom Hongkong to Nagoya, I had prawn salad topped with tobiko as a starter and cold soba for appetizer while I had this yummy eel with rice for main course. Dessert is a selection of Haagen Dazs ice cream. If you are still hungry, you can always ask for instant noodles (selected flights) and some snacks at anytime before landing; wine and coffee are available as well ;) 

My Business Class seating arrangement was simply the best, I was seated by the window the whole trip where the lighting was so fine to take pictures and also because of my comfortable flatbed seat, everything was just perfect.

While on the way back from Nagoya to Jakarta via Hongkong, I had fresh salmon with salmon roe and creme fraiche as a starter and pan fried sea bream with black pepper and garlic butter for main course, just perfect :)

To finish, I had a cup of hot tea and more Haagen Dazs ice cream, of course!

While waiting for our flight back to Jakarta, we had another layover in Hongkong but this time we only had around two hours before the boarding time and we managed to have some relaxing time at The Pier New Business Class Lounge, situated at gate 65 in the North West concourse of the Hongkong International Airport. I myself have been to the lounge for around 3 times so it was quite familiar for me already. However, I couldn't recall that there was a Coffee Cart before; more over it's located at the very front of the lounge entrance, so it's the first thing you'll see when entering the lounge. Well, turned out it's one of the new addition to The Pier's Business Class Lounge.

Handled by a professional barista, here you can taste freshly brewed coffee the first thing before anything. You know, my choice will always be a hot latte.

The Business Class Lounge features a big Food Hall where you can enjoy a range of food from Western, European, Chinese and more. However, what I had was again, THE DAN DAN MIAN at The Noodle Bar! Told you it's so good, I always have it whenever I visit Cathay Pacific lounges, yup even at their other lounges, you can still find this holy noodle.

The Tea House and Bar are also there for you if you have more time to enjoy fine alcoholic drinks before your next flight, but for me, a cup of hot tea will do :)

Last but not least, a picture of me feeling super sad because the wonderful journey has to end. I can't wait to be back again on board Cathay Pacific! I've been planning though and it will be soon ;)


  1. Great post dear! The photos are stunning, the stay looked like such a stunning experience to be a part of! The fact that you got to travel a lot is just amazing! <3
    Kinga xx

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  3. nice post

    Mrs. Aa

  4. Cathay is one of my favourite airlines too !
    style frontier

  5. I love flying Cathay, even in economy. The flight attendants are always so nice!

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