Thursday 15 December 2016

Staying at Lloyd's Inn

So, last month we had a very short getaway to The Lion City and yet we had the most wonderful time rewinding from our busy schedule and of course we got the perfect hotel to stay. Situated just 6 mins away (walking distance) from Somerset 313, Lloyd's Inn is definitely in one of our top hotel list.

Talking about the room, we happened to be lucky because we managed to book their very nice 'Big Skyroom' for two nights! Not only it is spacious, everything else is clean and really instagramable in my case. Well, I guess you might have noticed just how many outfit pictures I took during our stay judging from my instagram account or from these pictures below. I am so in love with their simple and minimalist interiors.

To sum it all, it was such a pleasant experience for hubby and I staying at Lloyd's Inn. Thank you for the great hospitality and awesome service! We will be coming back again next time for sure ;)


  1. Ahhhh so lovely, just wonder if they had any apps or Special discount by saying yourname Lol :*

    1. Hahaha that would be cool, I should try it next time ya ;)

  2. Such an amazing spaces and deco!

  3. so amazing look ; >>

    i invite to me too

  4. this place is so instagrammable <3

    Mrs. Aa

  5. such an amazing place to visit!

    Margareta Vania

  6. amazing decor, minimalist, modern looks instagramable, lol ^^


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