Saturday 24 December 2016

Santa stop here!

It's already past midnight here in Sydney, and so I would like to wish everybody a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I hope you have a wonderful time for it's the most joyful season of the year ;)

This year, I spent my Christmas in the desert waiting for Santa to bring me my presents because I've been very good this whole year hahaha just kidding. You know, just my annual thing, a simple Christmas themed photoshoot for my greetings, and it just happened to be in a desert ;)

Anyway, Happy Holidays!!

Peeru blazer - Duma for Anaz
Belt (bag's strap) - Louis Vuitton

Photographed by Grace Alyssa Kyo


  1. Kak, pretty and inspiring as always!
    Anyway Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday kak Anas <3 <3

  2. Merry Christmas and happy holiday, cantik! x

  3. great shots.. and merry Christmas too..

  4. Kak anas boleh tau ga, maaf ya sebelumnya, kakak dari Siantar ya? Atau nama kakak emang Siantar ya? Btw happy new year kak cantik :)

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