Thursday 28 January 2016

Verena Mia

So here I am again introducing yet another Indonesia's talented fashion designer that you should keep an eye on, Verena Mia. Well, I'm saying this based on my experience; my experience of wearing their creation out and of course taking a real closer look of the piece; from the fabric, embroidery, stitching, cutting, so basically yes, every single detail of it.

Here in this post, I'm wearing one beautiful dress from their S/S 2016 Collection, presented at Jakarta Fashion Week last October.
What I love about the dress from the first glance is actually because of the combination of the fabrics, and then the embroidery details on it, esp the neck part, it's just too beautiful. Not to mention that the dress is really comfortable to wear; much much love for Verena Mia!

Dress - Verena Mia
Shoes - Saint Laurent

Anyway, if you happen to be in Bandung by the end of this February, don't miss out the chance to see Verena Mia's show! It's on February 26. Visit their instagram account for more information :)


  1. so amazing ; >>


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  2. you are a beautiful Asian woman.. :)
    i love it.,Dress it affects pretty..

  3. what a dreamy dress! <3


  4. dress nya baguss, sering2 senyum ya cii cantik bgt :)

  5. Gorgeous <3 love the dress details

  6. Indeed a gorgeous dress! You look like a beautiful fairy <3 xo

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  7. Omggg! Beautiful dress wear by a gorgeous woman <33
    Visit mine ❤️

  8. Such a cute dress!!

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  9. what a pretty dress <3

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