Thursday 30 July 2015

Sky on 57

I know, I know I've been wearing this pair of shorts probably a million times already but you know it's one of my favorite white shorts and it matches almost all of my tops so pardon me okay. It was still during my latest trip to sunny Singapore with Asian Couture Federation and I was wearing this color coordinate outfit; the top is C/MEO Collective and it's available at my favorite multi-label online store, BNKR. I'm not sure if you notice it or not but I feel like the top makes my neck look longer and somehow makes me look taller, or maybe the angle? Whatever, as long as I look taller, nothing's matter ;)

Anyway, you can now use my code "ANASTASIA20" to get 20% OFF all items at and the code is only valid until 5th of August 2015. So, do not wait until it's all sold out, girls ;)

C/MEO Collective palisades top - BNKR
Shorts - THEA by Thara
Shoes - Charlotte Olympia

Photos by boyfriend


  1. nice place, i like your shorts

  2. pretty top! looking good on you!
    but I'm not sure to wear it myself, since I have flat chest! hahaaa


  3. such a beautiful top :) gorgeous on you!


  4. amazing look ; -))

    new post

  5. The top is really unique, but I don't have a nice shoulder like yours so I don't think it will suit on me :'(


  6. Simple but fashion, nice photos and the girl :)

  7. Look so pretty and edgy ! Love all of your looks .

  8. love the playful and colourful feel to the top, lovely look Anastasia :) x

  9. So cute! This look totally brings out your playful side! ^^


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