Friday 5 December 2014

Dress down THEA

As I've mentioned before, after the dress up version, I'm now going with the "dress down" but not too "down" version by integrating this beautiful top and lovely shorts from THEA by Thara for my tea time and casual day out. Well, there are a few keys to dress down stylishly according to yours truly: keep it classy and simple, choose neutral colors, also don't wear too much accessories and voila!

Clutch - Louis Vuitton
Bianca pumps - Christian Louboutin

You see, not only you can play dress up with THEA by Thara's pieces, dressing down stylishly is also a no problem since you can always find many pieces with different style yet still classy as ever on their webstore (every season). Not to mention their fine fabrics and neat cutting, I just can never get enough!

Location: Lima Cafe
Photos by Laksmi Dewi


  1. awesome!! ;]]

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  2. Beautiful as always <3


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  3. love the simplicity <3

    Margareta Vania
    Fashion Blogger

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  4. Gorgeous <3 Love the all white outfit!

  5. gooossshhhh sooooo pretty and stylish and simple and awesome!!! <3


  6. Stunning and beautiful as always :3

    恵美より ♥

  7. This is a beautiful outfit. It looks really refreshing to wear.

    Life With Antlers

  8. lovely outfit ci!

  9. You're a living barbie doll. So beautiful!


  10. perfect! Loving that beautiful white set!
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    thanks <3

  11. So pretty... envy your flawless skin :3


  12. Iiiimpressive writing,
    with your white dress and smooth skin ... it is combo
    do you accept endorsement,, I really wanting it !!

    silahkan hubungi kami yang dibidang penjualan baju import yang dengan harga terjangkau murah di

  13. I Adore U sister:

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  14. wooww you look so beautiful <3<3<3

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  15. Wooow... bagus dressnya kaka, like White

    Kunjungi yaaa....

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  17. dressnya bagus banget acessorisnya juga bagus kaka,
    leggingnya kalau minat kaka


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