Saturday 31 August 2013

Grey hair

Like I said in my previous post, I knew there will be pros and cons (on my instagram) about my current hair color but if I care so much about what people (esp haters and bitches) think, I wouldn't even dye my hair in the first place. It's my freakin' life, it's my choice and hellooooo I choose whatever I want to do and I personally love this hair color to the core! One last thing, if you think by saying I look like an old lady, granny or I look even older will make me sad or get me offended, hell no that was my intention from the start since my very first inspiration of my new hair color is an old lady. Well, hatters will always hate, won't they?

Sleeveless top - Poise 24
Dolly pumps - Charlotte Olympia


  1. In fact I love this hair! :) You look amazing. I decided that I MUST follow you!


  2. first comment on your first post of your grey hair!
    you dare to be different Ce anaz!
    you are always full of surprises :)

    Wulan Wu on

  3. I love your hair color. And you don't look old.
    For me your hair color is very inspired but I'm not as brave as you are to paint my hair grey. Another thing is that I like my natural hair color.
    Ok, I'm talking about hair color but I came here to praise your outfit, becouse is perfect. And I love your jeans. ^.^
    You're very pretty. ^.~
    Best wishes and a lot of ideas,

  4. i love your self-confidence :)
    you´re such a inspiring person and i really love
    your style ! and your hair look gorgeous ! :D
    xoxo ;**

  5. Wow, your new hair color is so unique!
    Never seen it before, but it looks really great on you :)
    Love your outfit <3

  6. That hair really suits you, and I love the jeans <3

    Cute to the Fashion

  7. Loveeeeeeee that blazer!
    and your hair's so cool :D

  8. I like your new hair colour. You don't look old at all, I prefer to think of that colour as silver not gray. I agree with you that you have to do what makes you feel happy.

  9. I actually adore the gray hair. It's so fun and unique. It's fun to want to look granny-inspired when we're young, and then when we're on the other end--old and gray, that's when we dye our hair back to black :op

    Suzie Q

  10. Well said, c anas! :)
    hm, maybe people said that not because they hate you, but more to inform you and give you a feed back of what is your shortage. :) think positively ci, stay cool and fab! ;)

    anyway it doesn't look like an old lady woman for me. It's so beautiful and you're be different! =)

  11. you tell them girl! There's nothing wrong with expressing yourself through your hair colour :)

  12. Wow! super love your hair! I think i need to do the same too one of this day! love you anas! mwah!

  13. Your hair is amazeballs. Plain and simple.

  14. love those jeans! and those shoes!

  15. woww your hair looks unique yet pretty! x3
    the pants is so cool :D

    cheer, michelle

  16. I LOVE IT!!! Your hair that is! :)

  17. I thought you were cindy karmoko when the first time I saw your pic with your new hair on instagram :D but that's you! You look absolutely gorgeous with that color, kak :)

  18. Whoa. You pulled it off~!


  19. Haters makes you famous and i think you look cool with your new hair. Love you to the max !!

  20. You got me there! I saw your first photo of this hair color of yours and like you said, you look like an old lady. I'm not one of them haters, it's just my opinion. But really, it actually looks good on you! xo

  21. Trust yourself not the hatters

  22. That's true, Anaz. I love your thought, haters gonna hate, and you shouldn't care what they say! Your new hair makes you look so gorgeous btw :))

  23. cool jeans!!!

    i invite to me too

  24. you are looking good with any kind of haircolor ...haters are just gonna hate, but i love your style since the first time i saw you on internet... <3

    margareta vania
    fashion beauty blogger
    follow or drop your comment if you like at

  25. so cool!

  26. such an amazing hair color!
    I want that hair color too for sure

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  27. You definitely don't look like a grandma with this new hair colour. In fact, you look very high fashion! Kudos to you for having the courage to try such a bold colour! You still look beautiful as always :))

    xx Mandy

  28. your new hair is beyond amazing and cool ! you're still looking pretty and inspiring <3

  29. i love your hair! and the ripped jeans is nice! and i also love the blazer!
    haters gonna die in hell ;)

  30. as always you never failed to amaze me with your style!
    You'll be forever one of my favorite blogger, the one I look up to. :)
    Always remember that you're an inspiration to your readers. :)

    Jen of Style & Daydreams. ♥

    PS: Win a dress from romwe on my blog. Opens internationally! Join the giveaway here!

  31. love your hair color ci,,,
    you don't looks old...

  32. you look great! don't bother the haters ;)

  33. LOVE your hair color so much!! You look amazing! :)

  34. Stunning, chic and simply perfect!!! I am so in love with your blazer and those distressed jeans are just amazing! I agree with you, haters are gonna hate - this is your way of expressing your self and I think that you are so stunning and brave at taking risks! You are my role model!!!

    Please visit my fashion blog -->

  35. It really took a lot of guts for you i'm sure before you went unto this hair color transformation process. But for me, whether you have a brown hair or grey you're still anastasia. :) Can I just say that I totally liked it? Please don't get me wrong, you shouldn't have minded what your haters told you about your hair about how dreadful you looks with it on Instagram. You even answered them one by one :( It's quite a sign that you kinda care of what they think about you. I mean if you really don't you wouldn't have answered back. Just remember: A tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of a sheep. Keep rockin' those grey locks you got girl! You're at your best!!! ♥♥♥

    1. Well I did reply what they said about me since some of them weren't even related to my hair but I don't give a damn about what they think about my HAIR as I've already dyed it in the first place. And please note I didn't replied their comments one by one.

    2. Hi Anaz,

      Agree with Stephy. It really bothers me when everytime you always say that you don't care with haters but you still keep reply their comments or even keep telling people 'i dont care' or 'hattersgonnahate' and stuff like that. For me, it is obviously a sign that their (haters) comments bother you and you CARE about them (eventhough it didn't make you stop coloring your hair). Please, no offense because I really adore your look. I believe that we have different way to dealing with problem or something. But in my opinion, why don't you stop replying their comments? (because, i think, it is your consequences of publishing your looks in social media) and keep shining like a diamond and be happy because it is the best revenge for those who hate you for whatever reasons.

    3. You might read my twitter as well, I said and stated that I don't care what people think about MY CURRENT HAIR, not other things and also I never said that I won't reply any comments and please take a note again, I didn't reply them one by one. People said what they want and I do the same too. You can feel bothered, I can feel bothered by your comments too. And anyway do you even need to make a fake blogger account just to comment on my blog? I might think that you all are the same person. Different comments and approaches but with one purpose? No offense too but I have the right to say all those things.

    4. It wasn't my intention to bother you with my comment above. Apologize for, what I called, misinterpretation.
      First, I don't have plan to make a blog so I just reply with my google account and use my short initial to put comment on yours. It just my thought that occurs to me about your reaction to haters (whether they are talking about your hair color, face expression, or others as I see in your Instagram) so that I put comment and said that in some point I agree with Stephy. Well, that's my reason in the first place. So I thought let me just step back from, what? Misunderstanding? Hehehe
      And have a wonderful day Anaz! Looking forward for your update in NYFW!

      (if you google this, you'll find my twitter account)

  36. that jeans is super stunning <3

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  37. cool hair!! proud that you're an Indonesian :)

  38. gak akan bilang kalau ini 'granny look'
    teknik pewarnaan yang bagus, bisa jadi ide brilliant buat nanny-nanny juga kan v^__^v
    salam kenal.


  39. I always wonder how public figures go on when something they choose to do might stir controversies, esp kalo org indo. thanks for the daily inspiration, and the color suits you :)

  40. Super love on your hair kak :)
    And also the dress too hehe


  41. wow, that's amazing...cute shades of grey
    love that hair too~
    nice to meet you :D


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