Thursday 20 December 2012

Ankle boots

 I know I always have this thing going on for ankle boots. And hey, I find there's nothing wrong with wearing ankle boots in spring and summer too, don't you think so?

Not long ago, I stumbled upon a German-based webstore that sell lots of pretty, lovely and nice looking ankle boots called DEF SHOP. I bet you don't want to miss this particular webstore because they have so many varieties and styles of ankle boots you might love to have. Not to mention the affordable prices they offer too ;)

I personally have my eyes on this pair of Silvian Heach Nekana Ankle Boots
Tell you what, they only cost $64.99!!

Tell me which one is your favourite?

Who says we can only wear boots in autumn and winter only? ;)


  1. The ones you want most are my favorite of the posted pictures. I'm sorry- I can't connect with this latest trend of wedge sneakers. They just don't appeal to me, especially the hidden wedge sneakers.

  2. Well, I love the one on the right corner. Well, what is affordable for you doesn't mean that it's affordable to everyone. ((:


  3. those black quilted ones are gorgeous!!

  4. I want the black and red one!

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  5. the top left., xx

  6. you are totally shoes lovers ka anas :p

  7. I have opened the web and their prices really are affordable! Thank you so much for sharing =D

  8. i love the ones in blue color ! so gorgeous

  9. the nude one is the best! thanks for sharing ci anas :)

  10. well, i personaly think that the collars one is the best, but i know you have so many collars shoes already =x so you better buy the one you chose then :p
    for your information, the red one and the brown one ( num 3 and 5 from the left )
    i saw it exactly the same kind of model at some store called "gosh!" in the mall and it cost IDR 499 or something,the store is pretty popular in my city :D


  11. Les boots noires sont sublimes!

  12. ankle boots are a big trend right now, thanks for sharing! ;D

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