Friday, 22 April 2011

The new shoe line in town

Hello shoe lovers!! I have a really good news for you all, esp for those who has been asking me about Ulin Custom Shoes.

FYI, Ulin Custom Shoes have launched another shoe line called "Arfadh Baparsyah", which is the owner's name and they only sell ready stock items (no custom made).

And now all of you guys (including international customers) can order/purchase their shoes! YES, now they are shipping worldwide.

Scroll down to see the first 4 collections and how to order them ;)

The Shoe Box

1. HER HIGHNESS in Red Suede
Heel height  : 13 cm
Local Customer Price : IDR 999.000    
International Customer Price : USD 119

2. ZIPPERS in Blue Suede
Heel height  : 13 cm
Local Customer Price : IDR 999.000    
International Customer Price : USD 119

3. MOON GLOW in Wine Red Patent Leather / Black Suede
Heel height  : 13 cm
Local Customer Price : IDR 999.000    
International Customer Price : USD 119

4. GIRLFRIEND in Pink Leather
Heel height : 12 cm
Local Customer Price : IDR 799.000    
International Customer Price : USD 99  

shipping cost for local customers : IDR 21.000 - IDR 31.000
(depends on where you live)

Send an email to

with your information in this format:
Contact No:                                      
Shoes (Items) / Size:                      

Payment Method will be through email invoices. Once they received your email, they will send you a reply regarding the stock availability and the payment invoice. For Local Customers, payment by transfer only and for International Customers, you can pay by PayPal or Credit Cards.

Anyway, don't be scared that you will fall wearing the shoes because of the kind this wedges. Believe me, it's not that hard to walk with them, it's like wearing the normal wedges, really. And last, don't be surprised if you find the shoes comfortable to wear =)

So, for all the international shoes lover who want to purchase the shoes, you can order them from now on! yes, FROM NOW ON.

PS. The official website will launch really really soon! =)


  1. Her Highness in Red is amazing!



  2. Can't wait for the e-commence store to debut! The bubble gum Girlfriend and the colbat Zippers shoes are total eye candy.
    much love.

  3. i love that blue one! its gorgeous!

  4. Her highness is fierce! Love it <3


  5. Hello! Do you mean 700 IDR or 700,000 IDR? :)

  6. i really like those shoes but there way too expensive

  7. ordering them like NOW!!!! aaaaaa happy happy!!

  8. Wow thats amazing, but very expensive! How much is international shipping to UK?

  9. naz, do they come in size 35?
    i have super small feet.. lol.. XD

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

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