Sunday 17 December 2017

BVLGARI TRIP - BVLGARI Manifattura in Valenza

Last September, I had the chance to visit the new BVLGARI Manifattura in Valenza and had a little tour inside; it was definitely memorable and very interesting to me. I can't thank Bulgari Indonesia enough for such wonderful opportunity. Witnessing the long process and the hard work of these people behind the excellent craftsmanship of Bulgari jewelries, making unique pieces that we normally see in stores. From mock-up wax to mock-up metal and finally the actual pieces, then to the cleansing process, the polishing and the application of stones and diamonds. Impeccable! I really hope you guys can see it live too, to appreciate every single piece of the jewelries.

You can also watch the tour video on my youtube channel.

Scroll for more :)

Bringing this Serpenti Viper bag to accompany me inside ;)

The Bulgari Jewellery Academy is where all new employees will learn time-honored jewelry making skills.


  1. Love you and your style as always kak ❤️
    And thankyou berkat kak Anaz aku jadi PD pakai baju yang over size :)
    Sukses selalu ya kak, and keep inspiring us.

  2. What an interesting process ! I think it's cool that they have a jewellery academy too.

  3. Fotonya bagus2 banget dan ini bener2 pengalaman langka bisa masuk ke Bvlgari Manifattura. Cool Nas! :D


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