Sunday, 9 July 2017

More life

When you come to Sydney during its perfect winter; sunny during the day and a little bit cold at night, just my type. Anyway, we'll be here for another 8 days and I hope it won't be over too soon as we are enjoying our time here, promise to share all the fun with you guys!
Meanwhile, here goes some outfit pictures that we took this afternoon at Summer Hill; because comfy oversized clothing is everything.

While some people prefer to wear sweatshirt with sneakers or sport shoes, high heels will always do the trick for this petite lady. Adding to my shoe collection is this very pair of Nicholas Kirkwood 'Eyelet' Mary Janes which has perfect platforms and unique heels. Husband's niece said that my shoes look weird but how about you guys? Any thoughts?

Sweatshirt - Legiteamate
Beanie - Seed
Bag - Gucci
Shoes - Nicholas Kirkwood


  1. Ahhhh Loveeeeee kak ❤️❤️❤️

  2. People have their own style. Dan ce anaz punya style itu oke. So, stay weird! Lol.
    A random question: itu heels brapa cm ya?

  3. Totally love this outfit! <3

  4. I love your whole look!! your hair colour is so pretty~
    Erika Jane | Blissful Wonder

  5. Very great look ! Also I love your blog ♥

    Suzanne xx
    Check my blog :

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