Wednesday 14 September 2016

Dining and High Tea Experience at Galeries Lafayette Jakarta

You guys clearly aware that I love to eat right, so on this very post I'm gonna share a little bit of my dining and tea time experience at Galeries Lafayette Jakarta :)

Well, actually we've been visiting Liberté, the French Brasserie (2nd Floor) quite often especially for meeting, so coffee and a plate of easy salad will do. However, this time we went there for a feast, lunch feast because we skipped breakfast so expect more food pictures ;)

First of all, my daily needs, a cup of latte.

A fresh Honeydew Juice and Welcome Bread for starter, yes?

My favorite Nicoise Salad for appetizer, what I always order even for a quick meeting. Consists of seared tuna, mixed greens, poached egg and baby potato.

Table full of food, yum!

Pan seared Black Cod with squid ink risotto, pesto and mixed salad for share because sharing is caring hahaha. Their risotto is heaven and we love it!

And we have more to share, 4 in One! A mixed of chicken wings, potato wedges, calamari and scampi with BBQ & yogurt sauce (more like yummy mayo). Fritters never go wrong, yes?

After filling ourselves with so many food without feeling disappointed, we decided to stroll around Lafayette, window shopping and literally shopping for real until our feet led us to Tea Et Al as known as Leaf Connoisseur Tea Salon, located at Galeries Lafayette 1st Floor next to Patrick Owen's booth.

Midnight in Paris for me, my favorite tea here, smells good, taste lovely. You should really try it.

No treats, no high tea so we wouldn't miss their signature Tiered Stand of Finger Snacks of course; mini sandwiches, mini cakes, just perfect.

Don't worry, they look pretty and they taste good, I assure you.

And voila, there goes my awesome day ;)


  1. so amazing look ; >>

    i invite to me too

  2. That food look so delicious. Will try it soon :) Thanks for sharing

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  4. great photos, great post!

  5. Can I take you for a dinner.. :D


  6. tasty recipes you have made. thanks for sharing it.


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