Monday 18 July 2016

Hanaru Park Summer Designs

Guess what? After a good two years, I'm now back with another Hanaru Park collection, the summer designs. Well, you know I don't often wear accessories on daily basis except my usual necklace, wedding ring, engagement ring and a ring from my mom. So, when I wear accessories other than those, there should be something interesting about them, hmmm. Scroll down to know more.

Let me start with this "Winona Necklace", this is probably my most favorite of them all, why? One, the color is black and two, it's multi-way! 1. Wear it just like it is, 2. Double wrap it and 3. Wear it the other way round, I know you saw it on my instagram the other day ;)

Move on to "Faith Bracelet" set, instead of wearing it single, I opted for double; two is better than one, hmm? The design itself is still from the same series as winona necklace, can you just pay attention to the sakura details?

"Chriselle Brooch", the brooch that you can also use as a necklace. As for me, I prefer to use it as an accessory so I attached it to my plain hat and voila, how adorable is that?

"Summer Brooch", a lovely dragonfly brooch made of fine beadings all over; a statement brooch it is. Other that attaching it to a blazer, you can also use it to transform your plain white t-shirt for a change.

And last but not least, "Love Ring 14K". A pinky promise ring, I called it. It's so cute and I use it as a complimentary to my wedding ring, it just looks so cute together, so let it be. One last thing, it's real 14K gold and it comes with a certificate of guarantee :)

Well, so which one is your favorite? Don't forget to check the complete collection on Hanaru Park's website

And psssttt, do you know that Hanaru Park is currently hosting a 35K giveaway where they will pick 10 winners once they reached 35K followers on instagram? Be sure to follow @hanarupark instagram and win special gifts with so much love inside each package.


  1. These accessories are amazing!!
    Kinga x

  2. Nice collection! I love that necklace <3

  3. you look amazing as always
    and hanarupark items is always super ccute


  4. Loving the signature bun hair and flowy bangs :D

    Isle of View

  5. Looking extremely gorgeous as ever!
    Even more with that shade of lipstick you're wearing in this post! <3
    Waiting for your new post, Anaz ;)

  6. Those are some wonderful shots! You look lovely...

  7. Beautiful as always ☺

  8. Adorable collection of hanaru park

  9. Cool accessories! Like it!

    Kindly see and leave a comment at Thankyou!

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  11. Gorgeous! Beautiful and unique accessories.

  12. Awesome! How cute they are! Keep going on girl. you inspire me too much every day.
    I intend to buy this bracelet from Can you give me your idea about this item?
    Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank a lot

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