Friday 29 April 2016

Troutman street

Updating from Brooklyn neighborhood just because I haven't updated my blog in a while, featuring new collection pieces from LAISON which got me compliments by so many people here in NYC. You know, it's always a happy feeling to be able to come back to this busy city where everything is just right, well almost everything I mean. However, reality is calling so I gotta need to pack my bags real soon for home and I'll see you guys on my next post :)

Sabine top - LAISON
Tulius outerwear - LAISON
Carpo pants - LAISON
Envelope bag - Balenciaga
Black paloma - Charlotte Olympia


  1. Love your hairstyle kak Anaz 😘😘

  2. so amazing!!! ;-))

    i invite to me too

  3. So cute as always! I love what you did on your hair! It goes perfect with your whole look. Great blog you have, stay inspired!


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  4. Cute hair knot! And I love those black pattern on your outfit <3


    Naïve Live
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  5. This look is so ethereal! You must have looked like a goddess walking around!

    xx, Diane ||

  6. No wonder everyone gives you compliment because you clothes totally amazing.

  7. You look amazing as always!!

  8. The unique fashion blogger, And you are my inspiration ❤


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