Thursday, 3 March 2016

Bazaar Bridal Week 2016: Imelda Kartini "Silent Poetry"

Just last week, Indonesia's annual Bazaar Bridal Week was here once again; featuring some of Indonesia's renowned fashion designers, showcasing their bridal collections from Friday to Sunday. And on the last day of the event, I managed to come to one of my favorite ladyboss designer, Imelda Kartini's show where everything was so beautiful and surreal. With beautiful stage set made by Lotus, highlighting every single pieces of her creation, you know you can't even look away for a second. Details, silhouettes, beautiful fabrics and them blings. Take a deep breath and enjoy; this is "Silent Poetry" by Imelda Kartini.

Pictures by yours truly ;)


  1. so nice look ; -))

    i invite to me too

  2. Beautiful collections by Imelda <3 and all the shots are great anaz, tbh, it's not easy to take great runway photos!

  3. the collections are gorgeous!

  4. This collection is insanely gorgeous :)


  5. oh my god... It's so look Gorgeous.

    I want to wear ones

  6. this whole collection is breathtakingly beautiful! ♥

  7. All these bridal outfits are so creative. These wedding gowns are gorgeous and unique. I have attended various bridal events like this at local event space in Chicago. I would love to have such a glorious designer dress for my big day.

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