Monday 31 August 2015

Hian Tjen Haute Couture 2016 "Chateau Fleur"

A video campaign for Harpers Bazaar Indonesia by the one and only Agung Kurniawan of Moreno Photography
A work by Michael Pondaag
Make up by Donny Liem

You know I somehow believe that fairy tale really does exist; well who wouldn't if you are faced with these beauties at Hian Tjen s grand show of "Chateau Fleur", the Haute Couture 2016 collection. It's beyond your wildest imagination; it's all about quality, creativity, finest craftsmanship, details, materials and of course one of a kind imagination. The darkness, the demons, the light, the angels, the beauty and the beast, I swear they were all so unreal! I couldn't stop gasping and was truly awed throughout the show. I started to think that Hian Tjen is from another planet for creating such beautiful pieces, like seriously. Not forgetting the super supportive and the one and only Rinaldy A. Yunardi who made the finest accessories of all time, just look at those wicked and amazing headpieces, I'm blown away! Brushed dreamily by my forever favorite MUA Andreas Zhu and also Donny Liem; out-of-this-world set by Lotus Decoration. What a powerful team!

My favorite pieces? All of them!

Materpieces, final looks, when the angel meets the demon.


What I wore to the show: Hian Tjen's adorable mermaid dress, Rinaldy A. Yunardi necklace and clutch from Rafe; brushed by my love Andreas Zhu.

Pictures of me by dearest Sonia Eryka


  1. must be a great show.. you look gorgeous as well..

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa

  2. The dresses are very stunning, you are too!


  3. Gorgeous! <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  4. WOWWWW!! the collection is definitely Wow! would dying to b at the front row indeed and hey dear ur outfit and makeup nailed everything. gorgeous bangat !

  5. awesome!!


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  6. amazing collection of Hian Tjen, bravo!

  7. A post filled with gorgeouness, all these dresses got my eyes sparkling x

    Maë -

  8. Wow....those gorgeous dresses!!! The hot red and mysterious black gown are outstanding, find more choice here!

  9. So, it's 1:03 A.M when i decided to watch the video.
    Completely entrance and at the same time totally creep out by the background sound.

    Those vintage clocks though!!

    Full of love!
    Please check out my blog!



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