Wednesday 22 January 2014

Introducing: BrandClozet

Have you guys heard about BrandClozet before? Well, if you haven't, BrandClozet is an online fashion flash sales in Indonesia, whereby members can purchase hand-selected items from their favorite fashion brands.

As you know, purchasing branded stuffs online from another countries to Indonesia is quite troublesome, the tax you need to pay in both countries, not to mention the risk of getting your purchased items lost on the way and of course you know how the Indonesian tax will hold your stuffs in order to get more money, or maybe delay your stuffs for God knows how long.

So why not try buying your favorite brand from Indonesian-based webstore? In BrandClozet, members can get at up to 80% off the original retail price and the authenticity of all the items are 100% guaranteed, no fake items are being sold, original only!

Just for your information, BrandClozet is not like any other online flash sale giants because BrandClozet also supports emerging local brands since their campaigns will always be a mix of local and foreign brands but emphasize on the local brands.

And the good news is that right now BrandClozet website is still completely open for public and people can be members by registering through the website for free. However, in the near future, only members can access the whole campaigns whereas public can only see previews.

Check out the current and the up coming event below:

As you can see, each sale period runs for a limited time of just 5-7 days. So, what are you waiting for?? Visit now, be sure not to miss this crazy offer and enjoy the treat ;)


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