Friday 20 September 2013

Times Square

One last post from New York City at the super busy and beautiful Times Square.I still can't get over how amazing the city is. It's like we can never get bored of all the things offered in this big apple even though I haven't seen and experienced them all.

You know, I'd never have expected and thought that blogging could get me this far, being able to get such opportunity to see some different parts of the world and realized that dreams do come true. I feel so blessed and grateful right now and I just want to thank all of you, my readers, supporters including my family and friends, and even hatters for making me the person I am today, without you guys I don't think I'll get to this point. So thank you, thank you so much.

Genius shirt - Forever 21
Shredded jeans - Romwe
Snapback - Dignity
Mini heart breaker - Louis Vuitton 
Dolly pumps - Charlotte Olympia

Photos were captured by the young and talented Olen Riyanto from Pretty Merdes. I was so thrilled to know more of young and talented Indonesian (part/full time) photographers scattered all across the world, just like this girl who Sonia, Cindy and I met in New York City. Thank you so much Olen for the photos and for touring us around ;)

Aaaaandddd..... bonus photos from Sonia's fish eye camera!!

I'm seriously gonna miss Sonia and Cindy so much. These two crazy girls always made my day during our time in New York, never a day we spent without laughing like crazy. Well I'm already missed them though.


  1. you definitely deserve all of that, dear! :)
    best luck for the next journeys :)


  2. Super grand! Looks like fun. I love NY! And remember you deserve every bit of your adventure! RIDE IT WORK IT BBY GIRL.

    From Likkie,

  3. cool photos and look <33

  4. look like a doll. too cute <3

    stay fab,

    Miss Aa

    Instagram: primalita


  6. I'd have to admit this but I actually stalked your(and the girls') instagram at school on your NYFW trip, It looks so magical, you actually met Iggy, and Rita, and there was Nicki on Herve, and loads more, I actually hated the fact that you guys got the hate from these ignorant people who started hating because you didn't wear batik at NY, like who the heck cares right? you're under Brown Platform, now Red and White Platform, anyways, I actually think that this hair color makes you look a lot younger and candy-pretty like, really love the crop top alongside the ripped jeans and the heels and the cap, one of my dreams one day would be getting lost in New York as a photographer too, your trip is too dreamy and beautiful, all the bests for you-s!

    "Posh Plastic" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-

    1. Hey there, thank you for your support and kind words, I really appreciate it :)

  7. You have a great time :) i love your photos. Have a nice trip, dear ^^

  8. You deserve the opportunity, love.
    Because as your shirt said, you're truly a fashion-genius :-)

    Stefany from Taste of My Life

  9. you had a super great time! love the swag-ish vibe in the look <333 pretty as always ci Anas!

    Pudding Monster

  10. times square rock!!<3
    love the whole outfit and photos cii!!<3
    love all your outfit on NYFW!<3

    well, how famous an artist is, there is no way she/he didn't have any hatters, cause hatters are some people that just jealous of you and can't be like you. So, let hatters gonna hate.

    keep your gorgeous work cii!! supporting brown platform here ;)

  11. These photos are so amazing! You totally deserve it!!

  12. You pull off that jeans so well :)

  13. swagggggggg!! what a cool jeans and snapback you have there x3

    cheer, michelle

  14. Love your boyfriend jeans!! You are such an amazing fashion inspiration Anastasia!

    xx Mandy

  15. such a beautiful asian...i like you threat people who hate you

  16. your NYFW trips those past five days are just so amazing, incredible, beyond words..and the outfits four of you are so so cool, can't describe more my feeling by seeing you guys out proud you brought Indonesia :3
    btw, you look so pretty here anaz <3

  17. oh such a gorgeous outfit in the beautiful city!! ^^
    being a fan of you since the first you blogged!and always support you :)
    looking forward for ur outfit from PFW!!

  18. the jeans looks stunning! i need one too! =)

    x0 ~ FashionTravels

  19. ci anas~ cantik bangetttt <3333

  20. lovely snapshots

  21. i love this .... i wil
    l walk together...


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